25 Triangular Window Designs Customizing Modern House Exterior and Interior Design

triangle window designs, architectural interiors and modern house exterior design ideas
Triangle window design with spectacular view

Triangular windows customize modern house exterior and add interest to interior design ideas. Standard rectangular windows blend well into the side of traditional houses, but very often no one notice them. Custom-designed windows, especially in triangular shapes, make house exterior and interior design stand out. Triangular windows are eye-catching. Lushome collection is created to prove it.

Even a single large window in a triangular shape enhances the entire look of modern house exterior and interior design. Triangular windows customize and personalize modern houses improving functionality, creating bright home interiors and giving an artistic touch to traditional and contemporary architectural designs and modern houses. Modern window treatment comes in various styles also, do can decorate all sort of windows and enrich modern interior design by adding texture, color and pattern to interior window design.

Architectural designs and modern houses with triangular windows look spectacular and unique. Standard rectangular windows can look out of place in contemporary homes, but large triangle windows create beautiful floor-to-ceiling picture windows overlooking the spectacular view and inviting the nature inside.

Modern houses with triangle windows

Triangle window designs, modern interior design ideas to customize homes

Triangular windows are fabulous elements of modern house design. They beautifully accentuate the house exterior and interior design, bringing more natural light into large and small spaces and creating very interesting home interiors with a contemporary and creative vibe.

Triangle windows can highlight other architectural elements of modern houses in a triangular shape. Combined with attractive window treatments, the triangle window shapes improve the functionality of interior design and enrich wall design with simple geometric forms that are unusual and surprising.

Triangle window design with spectacular view

When you’re customizing your window designs consider another element of modern house design, – the energy efficiency of the glass options, window frame shapes, materials and construction details. Modern windows block and filter the sunlight. Window frames materials vary in terms of energy efficiency of window design. Certain types of frame require more maintenance than others.


If you’re tired of rectangular or square windows and want to give your house exterior and interior design a twist, consider triangular windows. These window shapes are great for contemporary architectural designs and customizes, fresh and modern house exterior design ideas. Also you can create other geometric shapes with triangular windows or set apart your house design with irregular shapes.

Modern house design with triangular roof windows
Contemporary house design with large triangular window

Triangle window designs for modern house exterior

Modern interiors with triangle window designs

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