Modern Interior Design Inspirations from Amazing Home Improvement Projects and Room Makeovers

room makeover, modern bedroom design and decor

Stylish bedroom decor after room makeover


Modern interior redesign and decorating ideas add style, luxury and elegance to ordinary living spaces and turn dull, lacking interest, plain or empty rooms into beautiful, comfortable and impressive, attractively staging home interiors for sale or for comfortable, stress-free lifestyle.

Here is a collection of modern interior design ideas and home decoration photographs that demonstrate amazing changes and creative home improvement projects that are impressive, inspiring and motivating. These projects dramatically transformed rooms and turned them into stunningly modern interiors.

An empty living room in a historic cottage on Long Island was transformed into a colorful, pleasant and stylish interior with painted white and light green stripes on the wood floor, voluminous window treatments which mask irregular architectural elements, light blue ceiling and wall painting ideas creating bright and fresh, inviting and modern interior design in blue-green colors with orange accents, says Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage,

Living room makeover with light blue and green colors, before and after pictures

Empty room before interior redesign and decorating

Modern living room design in light blue and green colors

Dining room decorating in modern vintage style, before and after pictures

An empty dining room was redesigned and decorated in luxurious style with fabric on the walls creating rich and warm look, a large crystal glass chandelier, sconces and wall mirror that are antique and gorgeous, explains Evelyn Benatar of New York Interior Design, Inc,

Empty room before interior redesign and decorating

Beautiful dining room decorating in vintage style with antique chandelier and wall mirror

Old kitchen redesign and remodeling, before and after pictures

An old kitchen design layout in 80s style was changed to provide a flow between functional zones, turning the kitchen interiors into an upscale space for two real food lovers and creating multifunctiona interior design by Pleasant Living designers Rick Shaver and Lee Melahn,

Old kitchen interior before redesign

New modern kitchen design after interior redesign and decorating

Family room redesign and decorating, before and after pictures

With a distracting pattern on the walls, the 60s family room seemed cluttered and dark with no curtains windows meant little privacy.

Room decorating tips, bedroom decor, room makeovers for elderly people

Sliding book shelves for living room makeover, space saving interior design ideas

Room redesign and new furniture arrangement, floor to ceiling curtains in light color, warm yellow wall painting and white living room furniture upholstery fabric make the living room design appear spacious and comfortable, blending while neutral colors with light grayish blue color of the floor rug pattern that adds interest to open, inviting and modern interior design by Jamie Herzlinger Interiors.

Family room before renovation

Bright and spacious family room after redesign and decorating

Kitchen remodeling, before and after pictures

While the original kitchen design with a peninsula offered lots of counter space, too many cabinets and a closed-off space did  not look nor functional neither inviting.

Entry room makeover, modern entryway ideas

Cozy Thanksgiving decorating ideas, living room makeover in fall

The new kitchen interior decorated with white color and steel accents is an open, airy and pleasant oasis with enough storage and counter space.

Old kitchen with wooden cabinets

New kitchen design after home improvement project

Master bedroom makeover, before and after pictures

The master bedroom decor looked dated with two beds plain silk sheets. Designer Jamie Herzlinger, used a grand bed, fluffy seating and fresh flowers to update the room and create stylish and comfortable master bedroom decor.

Old master bedroom before redesign and decorating

Stylish bedroom decor after room makeover

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  last updated: 09.05.2013


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