Modern Interior Design and Decor Ideas to Use Stylish Blue and Green Color Hues

modern interior design and decor with blue and green color hues

Modern interior design and decorating with stylish blue and green color hues


Blue and green color shades are color trends in decorating and modern interior design. Blue and green colors feel peaceful and relaxing, fresh and sentimental, especially when combined together for harmonious interior design and decor ideas. Pantone chose the emerald green color as a modern color for interior design and decor in 2013. Bright yellowing green color shades are also stylish, bringing warm accents and fresh look of spring leaves into modern interior design and decor in 2013.

Rich blue and grayish blue color shades are excellent for large and small rooms. Muted green color shades, combined with marine blue and rich blue colors create wonderful interior color schemes. Benjamin Moore added gentle, more neutral blue color shades to modern colors 2013. These blue color hues are calm and airy, reminiscent of calm water.

Modern interior design and decor ideas that incorporate these stylish color shades are perfect for spring and summer decorating, and creating pleasant, inviting and airy home interiors. Here is a great collection of modern interior design ideas and examples of stylish home decorating with the modern blue and green colors. Rich blue and grayish blue color shades are mixed with yellowish green colors that feel warm and sunny and bright green color that remind of spring foliage.

Modern color trends in decorating and interior design with blue and green colors

Modern blue and green color trends and color combinations

The modern blue and green color combinations can be intense. Wall paint colors can be dilutes with other softer color shades. White paint colors and all light neutral color shades are great for creating calming and quiet interior design and decor in blue and green colors.

Painting floors bright green or blue color transforms any room, adding a whimsical element to modern interior design. Home furnishings in neutral colors are ideal for bright floor or wall paint colors. Unique architectural features and wall or ceiling details can be highlighted with rich blue or bright green colors.

Modern interior design and decorating with stylish blue and green color hues

Bright rich blue and green colors are great for spring and summer decorating, and also these modern color shades will help to jazz up interior design and decor in fall and winter, adding warmth and depth to room decorating ideas and creating amazing interior color schemes, bold and beautiful.

Matching your interior design color schemes with blue color shades

3 modern living room designs in fresh green color inspired by spring decorating

Cheerful green color shades of wall tiles, wall paint, home furnishings or modern wallpaper patterns look fresh and youthful. Rich blue and green color schemes are versatile, and suit for large home interiors or small apartment decorating. Adding white paint colors and gray color tones to your modern interior design color schemes with blue and green colors creates stunning, bright and stylish rooms, perfect for any season.

Rich and light blue color is combined with bright yellowish green color shade and white decorating ideas

Blue interior color schemes can mix various tones of blue colors. They look beautiful creating monochromatic color schemes for elegant, peaceful and sophisticated interior design and home decorating. Adding neutral colors, black and white decorating ideas to monochromatic blue color combinations just increase the effect, creating elite room decor in chic style.

Brilliantly modern bathroom design ideas blend minimalist functionality, elegance and rich blue color

Light blue and green colors soothing modern interior design color combinations

Green color schemes that include monochromatic hues are excellent for tranquil interior design, White white paint colors, home furnishings and modern wallpaper patterns in white and green colors, rooms look fantastic, bright, airy and very pleasant.

Dining room decorating with white, modern leafy green color and pastel blue color hues

Also monochromatic blue and green color hues look absolutely fabulous together, blending depth and freshness into gorgeous, very comfortable and super modern interior design.

Pastel blue and green color combinations creating tender and airy interior design and decorating

Light blue and green color schemes, modern bedroom colors

Bedroom decorating with light pastel blue wall paint color and bedding fabrics


Living room decorating with bright yellowish green color and red accent


Bedroom decorating with warm green accent wall and bedding fabrics


Rich blue and white decorating ideas


Modern kitchen design in white and pale blue colors

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