Modern House Blending Exposed Brick Wall Designs and Oriental Interior Decorating Ideas

modern home with low furniture, exposed brick walls and asian decor accessories
Dining room with wooden furniture and exposed brick wall



This modern house near Dusseldorf, Germany looks ordinary from outside, but features gorgeous exposed brick wall designs that give character to home interiors with a light oriental flavor. The house is designed for a large young family and offer spacious and bright living spaces with contemporary decor. Large windows connect modern interior design with a gorgeous garden, and exposed brick walls blend old and new ideas, creating a unique home.

Bright, comfortable and functional, the modern home interiors look gorgeous enhanced by huge, floor-to-ceiling windows, inviting natural light and creating airy rooms. Interior decorating ideas are inspired by eco style, blending natural materials with elegant simplicity, perfect for a family with young kids.

Exposed brick wall designs, wood and glass add an old-time touch to modern interior design. Exterior and interior brick walls, wooden frames and beams, combined with contemporary decor, modern furniture and accessories, create interesting and stylish home interiors, perfect for modern lifestyle.

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Modern interiors with exposed brick wall designs

Modern house with interior brick wall designs and glass floor

The large home interiors are defined by space and functional comfort. Efficient layout, functional zones and interior decorating in eco style turned the rooms into bright and stylish living spaces without extra furniture or needless decor accessories to make this home clutter free and easy to clean.

Simple and comfortable modern furniture items and the contemporary fireplace create a cozy seating area. Low sofas and beds, Buddha statues, natural room colors and the simplicity of interior design details suggest that home owners appreciate oriental interior decorating ideas, while the abstract paintings that adorn the brick walls add contemporary vibe to interior design.

Modern living room design with interior brick wall, low furniture and contemporary fireplace

Natural interior decorating materials and room colors emphasize modern interior design and decor in eco style. Rich room colors add stylish chic and unique personality to these home interiors in an elegant and tasteful way. Home interiors feel quiet and relaxing with no colorful spots, which would grab the attention.

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The modern house has an outdoor terrace which leads to a beautiful garden. Connected with the natural surroundings, these modern house design create a lovely place for adults and kids.

Dining room with wooden furniture and exposed brick wall
Contemporary kitchen with stainless steel cabinets
Bedroom design with large windows, interior brick wall and low furniture
Modern bathroom design with interior brick wall
Kids room decorating in white and pink colors
Outdoor patio with furniture
Modern house exterior design with large windows and private yard

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