Modern Home Addition, Welcoming and Bright Kitchen Design

kitchen nook dining furniture
Cozy kitchen nook, wooden dining furniture, wall shelf, modern lighting, black ceiling



A modern kitchen is the heart of the home. A modern kitchen design with a spacious island and a cozy dining area adds a contemporary home addition to this family home in Melbourne, Australia. The client is a celebrity chef and restaurateur who wanted to create a home for his young family with three children, where life revolves around the kitchen. Here is the space where the joy of cooking and eating together takes center stage, involving all family and friends.

Rathmines House is a conversion design showing an excellent home addition to a Victorian plank house in Fairfield. The existing dwelling featured a shed at the back that housed the laundry and bathrooms in the north part of the home and living spaces on the south side. A narrow corridor provided the connection to the backyard. The architectural design and interior redesign project removed the canopy, replaced it with north-facing living spaces, and created a link from the front of the house to the backyard garden.

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The open-plan extension and bright home addition created an L-shaped layout, with the modern kitchen taking center space between the dining and living areas. The kitchen interior is spacious and comfortable, offering plenty of seats at the long kitchen island and featuring a romantic kitchen nook for the family to view lush greenery from a panoramic window.

Home addition, bright architectural design
Modern kitchen design with a dining area and glass doors
Open layout, modern kitchen design
Cozy kitchen nook, wooden dining furniture, wall shelf, modern lighting, black ceiling
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