Modern Decoration Patterns in Interior Design

tropical forest theme in interior decorating
Flower designs, leaves, birds in bright colors, modern prints



Houndstooth, Paisley, Damask, tropical forest themes, geometric designs, and ethnic motifs are modern decoration patterns that beautify home interiors and add gorgeous details to room furniture and decor accessories.  Lines, dots, and curves create beautiful decorative patterns in contemporary, retro-modern, and classic styles connecting generations and giving architectural elements and home furnishings a unique look. The Lushome collection of modern decoration patterns helps you choose the stylish designs for your home interiors and outdoor living spaces.

Decoration patterns are the beautiful and functional element of interior design. Ornaments and prints create a mood and add rhythm to fabrics and surfaces. Decorative patterns and color combinations give a final touch to designs and interpret objects differently. The latest trends in decorating with ornaments and fabric prints enhancing rooms by adding beautiful contrasts and changing the themes.

Living room furniture, parsley upholstery fabric in blue

Middle Eastern decorative patterns, Persian designs, Moroccan decor ideas, Turkish ornaments, and decoration patterns from India are traditional ideas that beautifully blend with interior decorating. Soft curves are versatile and classy. Eastern and Asian decoration patterns work well for many interior design styles, from traditional to ultra-modern. The design looks fabulously elegant in neutral colors and shines in vibrant hues.

Modern interior trends in decorating with patterns

Ombre painting ideas

Meander, classy and beautiful accents to modern interior design

Nature inspired decoration patterns arranged in vertical rows are modern also. Perfect for home fabrics, textiles, furniture upholstery and decor accessories, the floral patterns add a unique feel and timeless beauty to any room decorating. Classic Damask and contemporary tropical forest prints are fantastic ways to soften and brighten up modern interiors in neutral colors. Monochromatic color combinations of these decoration patterns work well with all interior design styles and color schemes.

Zigzag wallpaper, geometric patterns

Houndstooth patterns are two color designs blending classy elegance and sophistication. These decoration patterns look fabulous in classic and modern interiors. Imperial trellis patterns are harmonious and energetic rhythm. Contrasting color design and geometry come together to brighten up modern interior decorating.

Geometric patterns in room design

Creative patchwork, decoration patterns in interiors

Ethnic Ikat in modern interior decorating

Quatrefoil designs bring classy decoration patterns that connect contemporary ideas with ancient traditions in decorating. These geometric decoration patterns feature curves and are excellent ideas to soften an interior design.

Houndstooth, classic upholstered chairs in black and white

Floral designs, ethnic motifs, and square geometry are modern decoration patterns also. Decorating empty walls with beautiful wallpapers, painting designs, fabric prints, and embroidery are favorite ideas to use stylish decoration patterns and add chic accents to your rooms.

Classic Damask wallpaper in blue
Flower designs, leaves, birds in bright colors, modern prints
Ethnic motifs
Straight line geometry
Retro modern decoration patterns, home textiles and decorating fabrics
Stylish mix of various decoration patterns, black and white bedroom design with pink accents

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