Luxury House in California, Elegant Outdoor Spaces and Modern Interiors

black white room design blue sofa
Blue sofa in the black-n-white room



Modern interior design and decor create bold and beautiful rooms and outdoor spaces for luxurious living and entertainment in Malibu, California. The distinct style of Californian house design is about chic elegance and natural beauty. Here is a modern house for a young family in Malibu, which provides a gorgeous residence for a super comfortable and relaxing lifestyle.

Interior design ideas and outdoor seating areas inspire, offering beautiful solutions for everyday living and entertainment. The modern house design features many attractive spaces, including several game rooms and a gym. A swimming pool area with a spacious terrace and a beautiful desert-style garden are elegant outdoor spaces that stretch home interiors and connect them with nature.

Small house with cozy interiors, Californian cabin

Modern home interiors and beautiful outdoor living spaces

Modern interior design ideas blending neutral room colors and natural beauty

Beautiful Californian home with chic home interiors and outdoors

Beach house with inspiring, bright, modern interiors

Modern interior design and decor

Bright living room design with a contemporary fireplace

Black and white home interiors feature warm yellow and rich golden accents turning rooms into bright and beautiful. Unusual interior design solutions and plenty of light make the modern house striking and spectacular.

Black and white living room design with a yellow sofa
Contemporary kitchen island design, golden kitchen hood
Golden furniture and dark wood kitchen cabinets
Wall decorating with framed artworks, black-n-white interior design
Black shelves with framed wall art
Blue sofa and gold coffee table in the black-n-white room

Outdoor living spaces

Entrance door, front yard landscaping, desert garden

  by Ena Russ   

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