Latest Trends in Decoration Patterns, Modern Interior Trends 2012 in Decorative Fabrics

bold orange color and modern decoration patterns

Reddish orange color shades and unique decoration pattern for modern furniture upholstery

Modern interior trends bring exciting fabrics with traditional, ethnic and contemporary decoration patterns. Colorful and neutral colors, strong contrasts and interesting ornaments make decorative fabrics stylish and bright, allowing to create gorgeous interior decorating in traditional or contemporary styles.

Decoration patterns, stripes and plant ornaments, polka dot and zig-zigs, circles and spirals, are timeless and elegant ways to add color, energy and an artistic touch to clothes, building exterior design and interior decorating.

Stripes and plant ornaments, zig-zags and curvy lines, circles and spirals, polylines and squares, triangles and hexagons are used to create contemporary collections of decorative fabrics and wallpapers in all interior decorating styles.

Modern interior trends 2012 in furniture upholstery fabrics, Greek key inspired decoration pattern

Modern interior decoration patterns

Narrow and wide, horizontal and vertical, colorful and monochromatic stripes, combined with the ancient meander (Greek key design) or traditional plant ornaments, are one classy interior trends 2012 for traditional interior decorating.

Striped wallpaper and decorative fabrics,  and furniture upholstery fabric, in muted colors look beautiful with other soft home furnishings in monochromatic color, creating harmonious and stylish modern homes.

Reddish orange color shades and unique decoration pattern for modern furniture upholstery

Latest color trends 2012 in decorative fabrics

Latest color trends 2012 in decorative fabrics include shades of olive, beige, sand, pastel pink, soft turquoise, black-n-white, deep orange, dark brown colors and all rich blue tones. Deep color shades look great with a monochromatic interior decorating color palette, neutral walls and gray, black, white or brown furniture.

Modern wall decor in patchwork fabric style, interior trends 2012

Designer fabrics and modern floral wallpaper patterns

Dining room and living room furniture, – sofas, chairs, couches, and room accessories, made of striped decorative fabrics – blankets, curtains and pillows look bright and elegant, creating an attractive contrasts with plain walls and background furnishings.

Circle decoration pattern, black-n-white upholstery fabric

A tablecloth with napkins, blankets, curtains, pillows and furniture upholstery fabrics with silky stripes, plant ornaments or other modern decoration patterns bring chic accents into traditional or contemporary rooms, creating unique, one-of-a-kind modern interiors with a personal touch and luxurious theme.

Modern bedding sets, fabric prints and bedroom decor trends

Stripes fabrics, interior decorating with stripes

Contemporary interior decorating

Modern wallpapers, furniture upholstery fabrics and room accessories, made of decorative fabrics with different modern patterns can be combined for creating  impressive decorating color palette and increasing the effect of unique and personal, artistic and intimate interior decorating.

Circle decoration pattern for accessories, decorative pillow

Traditional interior decorating

Traditional English style interior decorating is hard to imagine without lovely home decoration patterns. Black-n-white checkers and plaid, colorful or monochromatic plant patterns, inspired by charming English gardens, create thin or wide bands, adding more color and design to pleasant and cozy traditional interior decorating style .

Charming ideas for spring decorating, light window curtains

Modern bedding sets, bedroom interior trends 2012

Country style interior decorating

A tablecloth with napkins, blankets, curtains, pillows and furniture upholstery fabrics with bright black-n-white cells or decoration patterns, inspired by lace, with playful ruffles and flounces help create modern interiors in country style.

Colorful chair for Art Deco decorating, modern furniture upholstery fabrics in rich color shades

Art deco decorating

Decorating the floor, walls, window curtains and furniture with modern fabrics are great for creating unique and powerful, artistic and modern interior decorating, but will not work for home staging. Bold colors and contrasting decoration patterns on the floor carpet or rug, walls, window curtains and furniture upholstery fabric, combined with unusual furniture and lighting feel very personal and do not create a universal appeal.

Interior design trends 2012, comfortable chic decorating ideas

8 top trends in blankets and throws, modern decoratibe accessories

Bold contrasts and geometric decoration patterns are excellent for modern Art Deco decorating. Luxurious silk and wool rugs, draperies and window curtains made of silk or velvet, zigzag, cell and wavy decoration patterns are elegant and exclusive modern interior trends 2012 in decorative fabrics for creating unique, bold and artistic modern interiors.

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