Lakefront Cliff House Design with Rocks Integrated into Interior Design and Spectacular Windows

living room

Beautiful seating area


This modern house design is spectacular and fantastic. The house features beautiful architectural elements and blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The cliff property offers spectacular panoramic views of the lake and forest. Large windows make every room look fabulous, bright, and chic. Beautifully designed stairs connect three floors. The staircase designs are unique decorations for the modern home interiors. The sculptural architectural designs work well with large windows creating a pleasant optical illusion of moving up and down the hill.

The house design integrates the living spaces into the landscape, adding a sense of harmony and beauty to the spectacular dwelling. Natural rocks inside the home interiors connect the living spaces with outdoors. Wooden walls and furniture in a contemporary style help create warm but fresh and stylish interior design. The house is built on the picturesque lake in Idaho, the USA, envisioned by Mc Call Design and Planning.

Spectacular lakefront house designs

Beautiful lakefront house with large windows

Lakefront house design featuring unique geometry

Stone and wood interior design, modern home on Lake Travis

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Contemporary lakefront home with large windows in every room
Lakefront home, Cliff Residence
Beautiful seating area, fireplace design integrated into cliff rocks
Stone fireplace, wooden ceiling
Bright living room design with large windows
Dining room
Lakefront bedroom with large windows
Bedroom design, wooden ceiling
Bedroom with a beautiful lake view
Sculptured staircase design, custom wood elements
Elegant staircase design with natural rocks integrated into the interior design
Home gym with panoramic views of the lake

  by Ena Russ   


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