Beautiful Lakefront House with Large Windows Surrounded by Gorgeous Trees

curved wall design with panoramic large windows
Spectacular living room design with large panoramic windows and gorgeous views of the lake

This beautiful large house is in Whidbey Island, Washington, USA. Surrounded by mature trees, this modern house offers spectacular views of the lake. The beautiful house design is attractively integrated into the landscape, creating a pleasant, bright, and comfortable retreat with stylish and luxurious home interiors and outdoor living spaces.

The house design features two different structures: the home itself and a small guest house. Beautiful glass house exterior and traditional wood structures enhance the feeling of relaxation and harmony of a place in the middle of the woods. Modern interiors look warm, bright, and welcoming, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Beautiful lakefront house exposed to gorgeous German landscape

Lakefront house design with open ceiling beams and large terrace, modern homes

Lakefront hotel design for wealthy paws

Modern interior design ideas

Spectacular living room design with large panoramic windows and gorgeous views of the lake

The lake and old tall trees offer tranquility and enhance modern house design with fabulous views of peaceful natural landscapes. Traditional wood materials, blended with glass and concrete, create comfortable and inviting contemporary home interiors and house exterior.

Lakefront house design with boulders integrated into modern interiors

Beautiful lakefront house design, idyllic log homes

Charming summer house, peaceful retreat with gorgeous views

The dramatic panoramic windows and glass wall design add a contemporary flair to modern house design, reflecting the blue waters and greenery. Glass, concrete, and stainless steel structures emphasize its striking look. The elegant house design is by the Chesmore Buck studio.

Lakefront house design with stylish and elegant leather furniture

Modern interior design features curvy walls with large windows facing the lake. Modern lighting fixtures, concrete walls, wooden ceiling designs, and leather furniture in comfortable brown colors offer modern, spacious, and relaxing home interiors for rest, dining, cooking, and entertaining.

Contemporary home interior design, modern living room furniture, built-in wall fireplace

Wood is the main building and decorating material requested by the client. Wooden house exterior design feels natural, surrounded by trees. Bright and airy wooden home interiors look natural and stylish, blending sustainable design with functionality and an impressive appearance.

Spacious dining room and living room design with high ceiling and large windows

A few types of beautiful wood used in house exterior and interior design uniquely define eco-friendly, pleasant, and stylish living spaces from cedar to oak wood.

Modern kitchen design with wooden cabinets and wood ceiling, u-shape kitchen layout

Wooden interior design ideas reflect the warmth and coziness of this attractive, functional, and elegant building and decorating material. The modern celebrates the open plan concept and natural materials, blending home interiors with nature creatively and luxuriously, offering bright interior design ideas enhanced by beautiful properties of natural wood.

Contemporary kitchen with large windows
Wood ceiling and staircase design with large windows
Bedroom design with large windows
Bathroom design with glass shower and large windows

Modern house exterior design, outdoor living spaces, landscaping ideas

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