Italian Bathroom Design Ideas Bring Clean Lines and Sophisticated Feel into Modern Bathrooms

bathrub with storage shelves

Contemporary bathroom design ideas from Italian company Stocco are excellent for creating a luxurious modern bathroom that feels elegant, functional and pleasant. The company takes bathroom fixtures and furniture to a whole new level of exquisite style and comfort.

Their Origami suite is a fabulous contemporary bathroom design. The gorgeous sets of free standing sinks and  contemporary bathtubs bring modern shapes and clean lines into modern bathroom design and create beautiful rooms.

Contemporary bathroom fixtures look very attractive. Unique shapes and design ideas are blended into a bathroom that looks luxurious and creative, setting it apart from any other modern bathroom design.

Unique contemporary bathroom design

Contemporary bathroom design, free standing sinks and bathtub

The Origami suit is a contemporary bathroom that is different in many ways. Elegant details and timeless simplicity blend into a contemporary bathroom that feels spacious and inviting, but exclusive and expensive.

Creative storage shelves, interesting shapes and convenient bathtub table space add unique character to this contemporary bathroom design, while making it more comfortable and functional.

Unique free standing bathtub design in art-deco style

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 14.01.2013