Hunting Lodge Interior Design and Decor Blending Urban Luxury and Boyhood Atmosphere

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Dining room decor accessories in vintage style, collected from flee markets in Europe



Modern interior design and decor of this new hunting lodge were created with urban luxury and elegance and give great inspirations for using rich dark room colors for your den, hunting cabin or cottage decorating. The owner enjoys hunting and his hunting trophy collection gets constantly updated, providing unique accessories for interior decorating in hunting lodge style.

The owner had a trophy room full of vintage decor accessories and hunting trophies and then decided to built a hunting lodge outside of his house. Russian architect Nina Prudnokova from Moscow chose the comfortable urban style for designing this beautiful, impressive and modern interior decor, blending hunting trophies, vintage decor accessories and modern wood furniture in vintage style with warm and dark room colors for these luxurious, spectacular and extravagant interior design and decor ideas.

The decorating theme was defined by the owner’s hobby and his collections. The urban style luxury, combined with simplicity and excitement, inspired by the adventurous boyhood atmosphere of Scottish castles, created unusual and dramatic interior design and decor in vintage style.

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Terracotta orange colors and matching interior design color schemes

Spectacular interior design and decor ideas in vintage style

Dramatic dining room decorating and inspiring hunting lodge interior design ideas

Wood furniture, a long dining table and chairs with tall backs decorated with black leather, wood ceiling design and simple wood kitchen cabinets and kitchen island make the interior with a fireplace look like a banquet hall in ancient Scottish castles.

A huge banquet table is a focal point of interior design and decorating. The fireplace at the end of the dining area adds warmth and coziness to the room. Simple and elegant wood kitchen cabinets and kitchen island are furnished with oak, adding more warm colors to interior design.

Wood furniture and terracotta wall paint color, large dining table and 12 chairs decorated with black leather

Walls painted terracotta color are decorated with hunting trophies, paintings and tapestries that add to Scottish castle atmosphere. Skylights bring more natural light into the dining room, showcasing the large and interesting hunting trophy collection.

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Modern bathroom fixtures that mimic animal skin textures

Dark color furniture and wood texture work well with rich wall decorating. Terracotta color provides an excellent background for displaying vintage decor accessories fount on flee markets in Europe, – binoculars, water bottles, ashtrays, antique dishes, metal and boxes, – that fill the dining room with charm.

Dining room decor accessories in vintage style, collected from flee markets in Europe

Photography by Philip Yushin

  by Ena Russ   

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