Green Wall, Modular Geometric Design with Houseplants

decorating indoor plants

Modular system for wall decoration, Green wall design


Accent wall design offers many attractive solutions, including decorating with houseplants. Beautiful indoor plants add the freshness of green colors to interior design and connect dwellers with nature. Lush greenery gives a luxurious touch to modern interiors and livens up home decorating.

The UK-based design studio Horticus envisioned a modular living system that brings geometric planters’ elegance and the vitality of nature into any abode.

Modular system with transforming planters

Modular hanging planters, space-saving ideas, contemporary design

Original planters, winter decorating ideas for empty walls

Modular vertical garden design


Modern wall decoration ideas, modular vertical garden design

Anna Lisovskaya combined the space-saving ideas of living wall designs with the convenience of container gardens. The modular system is modular and flexible. It allows tweaking the layout as you please, creating unique floral arrangements.

Space-saving ideas for beautiful balcony decorating

Modular furniture for small spaces

Contemporary concrete planters, modern wall decorations

The Green wall design comprises a hexagonal frame made of powder-coated steel and terra-cotta planters. The geometric containers feature holes for watering and easily move from the frame and into the cells.

Geometric planters with watering holes, vertical garden design idea

Even without houseplants, the modular cell system is visually appealing. It is functional and works as a shelf for little odds and ends. You can start with Horticus’ Small Kit that includes one steel frame and three terra-cotta planters, and add more elements as your wall garden grows.

Modular system for wall decoration, Green wall design
Metal frame with geometric cells for planters, eco-friendly wall decoration
Modern wall decoration with geometric frames and planters

  by Ena Russ   

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