Gorgeous Modern Interiors and Outdoor Rooms Enhanced by Spectacular Ocean Views

modern fireplace design

Hanging from the ceiling fireplace design


This modern house offers fabulous interiors featuring breathtaking ocean views. It is a beautiful place to relax and celebrate life while enjoying beautiful rooms filled with artistic accents, comfortable outdoor spaces, and fantastic sea views on Nantucket Island, USA. The home’s location and panoramic views determine the rooms’ luxurious look and inspire modern interior design ideas that boundlessly blend living spaces with natural surroundings. The beach and the bay’s proximity gave the idea to add sliding glass doors in the living room and master bedroom, inviting nature inside.

Glass wall designs allow the owners to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and get the most from the stunning harbor views. Natural interior colors, comfortable decor, brightness, and elegance of stylish furnishings create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in these home interiors. Perfect for a stress-free life, the luxurious house offers the dwellers chic rooms and outdoor living spaces accentuated with original artworks. It is the ideal home for living and weekend stays.

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Transitional Color Palette, Ocean Blue and Bluish Gray Colors in Modern Interiors

Gorgeous House Design With Spectacular Ocean Views from Glass Interiors

Oceanfront house design

Panoramic ocean view, nature pictures

Beautiful outdoor living spaces

Dining area with gorgeous ocean views

Modern interior design

Modern living room design with a central fireplace
Hanging from the ceiling fireplace design, modern furniture
Modern room design, enhanced by beautiful ocean views

Hallways, entryway design

Storage bench, entryway design

Staircase design and decorating ideas

Original decorations, staircase design

Bathroom design ideas

Colorful bathroom wall, zigzag decoration pattern

Inspiring color schemes

Orange-gray-blue-color scheme, living room design
Beige-green-blue-color-scheme, outdoor dining table decorating
Black and white decorating with pink and brown color accents
Marble gray and white colors, golden yellow accent, staircase design
Blue and neutral color scheme, bathroom design
Kids’ room design in neutral colors with earthy-pink and golden accents
Blue-brown-green color scheme, outdoor seating area
Bedroom decorating ideas, blue-grayish-purple-beige color scheme
Colorful seating area around a black fireplace, earthy colors with a metallic-golden accent
Vibrant artwork colors, blue-orange-yellow-pink color scheme

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