Glass Walled Bedroom Design in Scandinavian Style, Modern Apartment Ideas

white decorating with glass doors for small spaces
Small bedroom design with glass walls


This small apartment is in Stockholm. Swedish interior design surprises with its original layout and stylish decorating scheme. The glass-walled bedroom is a highlight of creative and modern apartment ideas. Lushome presents this unusual and stylish interior design project in Scandinavian style.

Small spaces look bright and airy with the glass wall separating the bedroom from the living area. White decorating ideas and simple functional interior design make this home feel comfortable, bright and pleasant.

Rustic wood furniture and traditional upholstered furniture pieces create attractive contrasts. Modern details and vintage style live together in the room. Decorating with glass adds unique character to the elegant small spaces and give chic look to modern apartment ideas.

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Glass walled bedroom design

Glass walled bedroom design, small apartment ideas in Scandinavian style

Glass walled bedroom design is unusual and interesting. Black and white bedroom decorating feels light and balanced. A large wall mirror just increase the fascinating effect that glass wall design creates, reflecting more light into the small bedroom interior.

Soft bedding fabrics in light neutral colors and tall candlesticks bring romance and ultimate comfort into the small bedroom design, making the tiny space feels like a luxurious place to sleep.

Small bedroom design with glass walls
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  by Ena Russ   

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