Floating Homes, Fantastic House Design Ideas

floating homes contemporary design
Modern interior design by i29 studio



Floating homes are cool building ideas. Modern houses, located right on the water, offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy a dream lifestyle in the water. Floating homes offer panoramic views and comfortable interiors filled with the splendid beauty of natural landscapes.

A modern house integrated into a lake or river landscape creates a lovely home, a perfect nest for a family or a cottage on the water. Just imagine how nice it is to watch sunsets from your home interiors and cool down by a pleasant breeze coming from the lake. It is a fantastic way to meet a new day while enjoying the picturesque landscape in relaxing and modern home interiors.

Contemporary floating homes, unique modern-houses on the water

Modern floating home interiors in loft style

Floating houses and superyachts

Modern house design on the water

Beautiful floating homes with modern interiors and spectacular views

Contemporary floating homes with modern interiors

Modern house design by DIAA studio, Seatle

Here are incredible floating homes to get envy. The modern house designs are inspiring enough to get your attention. You may start dreaming of your new home or cottage on a lake.

Gorgeous views of the lake, modern house design by DIAA studio
Floating home design by Baca Architects
Modern interior design by Baca Architects
Floating house design by +31 Architects
Floating home in Amsterdam, modern interior design
Modern house design by MOS Architects
Modern interiors with panoramic windows
Schoonchip, Netherlands, modern house design by i29 studio
Modern interior design by i29 studio
Glass wall designs, floating home by Waterstudio.NL
Arkup 75 house design, modern interiors with glass walls

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