Fascinating Floating Home, Loft Style Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

metal house exterior
Floating home, metal exterior design

Modern floating homes are dwellings that make dreams come true. Floating homes look exotic and original, adding beautiful accents to European countries featuring water canals. Lushome visited one of these modern houses floating along rivers in the Netherlands and now shares the unique design and decorating ideas turning the structure into this beautiful, distinct, and contemporary home.

Rectangular-shaped, the two-level floating home feature a rooftop living area and a metal exterior painted rich chocolate brown color. The modern interior design uses lightweight materials to decrease the weight. Inside space consists of several functional areas: living areas with a guest room, storage space, and a kitchen. Several utility rooms in the lower part of the dwelling connect with the upper level by a convenient staircase. Loft-style interior design and decorating ideas recreate the atmosphere of former industrial buildings.

Beautiful floating home with modern interiors and spectacular views

Houseboat renovation turns an old vessel into a welcoming floating home

Floating home with creative window designs and modern interiors

Loft-style floating home design

Contemporary house design, floating home in the canal

A U-shaped sofa with bluish-gray upholstery and colorful decorative pillows creates an inviting space offering comfortable wood furniture. Natural stone and wood bring attractive contrasts into the modern interior design. A wood wall partition between two adjacent zones creates a beautiful accent and provides additional space for storage.  The accent wall, decorated with lamps, toys, and houseplants, beautifies the interior design and gives the floating home a unique character.

Comfortable floating homes in the Netherlands

Futuristic floating houses and superyachts

Romantic floating home in Australia

Loft-style interior design and decorating ideas

Loft-style interior design, salvaged wood furniture

Salvaged wood side tables, built as cubes on small wheels, help alter the interior design and create new furniture arrangements. A pendant light illuminates the living room, adding an original accent to the interior decorating.

Salvaged wood furniture, large windows

The floating home has plenty of open and hidden storage spaces, and that makes everyday life comfortable. Shelf decoration with unique accessories, vintage-style glass jars, and framed pictures demonstrates originality and gives a warm, personal touch to the loft-style interior.

Shelving unit, salvaged wood furniture, home decorations

The abundance of light entering the room through large windows makes the floating home interior bright and welcoming. Flowering plants in contemporary pots and flowers in wicker baskets add cute accents to comfortable and cozy interior decorating.

Loft-style interior, kitchen island design

The kitchen design takes center stage, offering a modern way of cooking and entertaining. A contemporary stove with a lighted hood and a spacious worktop of the kitchen island provides plenty of space for preparing meals and dining. Large windows and two pendant lights above a dining table beautifully illuminate the space creating a comfortable dining area with a panoramic view.

Dining furniture, wood table, chairs, upholstered bench

Everything in this floating home is well-designed and beautifully detailed. Perfect for spending an unforgettable weekend or everyday living, the floating home design delight with loft-style interiors. Comfortable decorating ideas are relaxing, offering to forget about the world and enjoy the waterways. The floating homes allow traveling and appreciate the unique opportunities to connect with nature.

Outdoor seating area
Staircase design, lighting
Hallway lights

Industrial style house exterior design

Floating home, metal exterior design
Metal house exterior with an open space
Floating home with a roofed open space

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