Exciting Interior Design in Eclectic Style

shelving unit for book storage

Bookshelves, glass top dining table


Eclectic interior design ideas create spectacular, original, and modern rooms. Lushome brings gorgeous, bright apartment ideas from Madrid. The designer home is inspiring, colorful, and beautiful. White decorating, exotic decor accessories and colorful accents are a fabulous mix that looks perfect.

Designer Daniel San Martin changed dark rooms with old furniture and cracked walls into the light, modern interiors with large windows and an open layout. Stylish room decorating ideas and energetic, colorful accents blend with details and home decorations in various styles.

Beautiful, bright, modern living room design in eclectic style

Modern interior design in eclectic style is an excellent idea for creating stylish, bold rooms with eye-catching, unusual, and unique decorative objects.

Unique vintage style with an eclectic vibe

Eclectic style for modern kitchens and dining room decorating

Black and white decorating ideas in eclectic style

Exotic metal lamps and decoration patterns in eclectic interior design

Interior design trends, adding eclectic chic to home decorating

Check out the creative, diverse ideas, see if you can enhance your interior design bringing an eclectic vibe into your rooms.

Dining furniture, white-blue window curtains, original lighting fixtures
Bookshelves, glass top dining table

Black and white kitchen design
Modern bedroom design with yellow accents
Modern bathroom design with wooden walls

  by Ena Russ   


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