Effortless Green Living Ideas that Turn Dwellings into Eco Homes and Save Money

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indoor plants bench planter

Space-saving ideas for home decorating with indoor plants, bench-planter for houseplants

Eco-homes and Green living ideas are about protecting nature while enjoying food, clean water, electricity, and comfortable home designs – all the benefits of civilization. Today everybody understands the necessary changes that turn our dwellings into eco-homes. Here are Green living ideas that help start without much effort, leading to a Green living style and making modern homes eco-friendly.

Saving energy and water comes with money-saving. Moderate food consumption and proper storage save money and improve health. Sorting trash, recycling, and upcycling create fantastic opportunities to protect nature, discover hidden talents, learn different skills, fight stress, and improve health while saving money on buying new items.

Bicycle-powered TV set, fun Green living ideas

Modern eco-homes, energy-efficient house designs

Fabulous container garden designs, Green living ideas

Recycling old buses for outdoor swimming pools

Green living, recycling plastic bottles for art

Green living ideas to start

Eco-homes and Green living ideas to protect the planet

1. Electricity and energy-efficient bulbs

Energy-efficient lighting fixtures for home decorating
Contemporary energy-efficient bulbs save the environment

Unplug household appliances in a sleep mode. Change bulbs for energy-saving ones and use lampshades in light and off-white colors. Avoid wasting resources and save money on paying electricity bills.

2. Water-saving

Green living ideas save money, water, energy.
Saving water helps save money and protect the planet

Turn off the tap when not using water. Reuse the water in which you previously washed vegetables or fruits to watering indoor plants. Save rainwater for watering your garden. These easy Green living ideas are great for your budget and the planet.

Saving water after washing fresh produce
Watering indoor plants, recycling water after washing vegetables

3. Food consumption and storage ideas

Moderate consumption is another way to help nature and improve health. Avoid throwing away food. Think of better storage solutions. Sealed food containers with lids help keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer – store leftovers in the freezer to buy less and save money.

Food storage ideas, containers
Reasonable food consumption saves money and the planet, improves health.

4. Decorating with indoor plants and container gardens

Indoor plants make beautiful home decorations. Attractive and cheap decorations are the way to save money on room decor. Handmade planters with flowers look lovely, and containers with self-irrigation systems make growing indoor plants effortless. Also, you can think of a creative way to grow edible herbs in your small garden and save money on fresh produce. Green onions, fennel, celery, tomatoes, basil, legumes are perfect choices for container garden designs.

Space-saving ideas for home decorating with indoor plants, bench-planter for houseplants
Eco-friendly ideas for modern homes, container garden design

5. Collecting trash

Start sorting everything you throw away. Creative ways to reuse and recycle can give plastic, glass, metal, and wood a second life in DIY projects. Although, you can transform household items and find new ways to reuse and recycle them.

Proper storage ideas for collecting old batteries and disposal
Rusted batteries on the ground pollute the planet

Collect hazardous waste separately, preventing the items from going to a landfill. Like mercury and lead, metals are dangerous to the environment when they get into groundwater, water bodies, and sewers. One small battery pollutes up to 20 square meters of soil. Think how many beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses can grow on this land and how many small animals, insects, and birds can be affected by the lack of natural greenery.

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