Eco Friendly House with Multifunctional Interior Design Enhanced by Space Saving Ideas

small house exterior design with sliding shutters

Sliding wooden shutters for glass doors


Eco friendly and inviting small house design features gorgeous huge windows and glass doors merging the indoor living spaces with the picturesque surroundings. Creative space saving ideas and natural materials are combined for flexible interior design and comfortable decor in this bright, pleasant and functional small house.

Modern interior design is simple, offering a spacious open living space decorated with wooden materials. Wood furniture, ceiling and walls with large windows and sliding glass doors create warm and bright interior design and decor. Wood stairs lead to the bedroom loft which is placed above the wooden kitchen.

Creative space saving ideas allow to transform a large wooden table and benches into a bed, turning a dining area into a sleeping zone. The views through the glass doors and windows on front and back sides of this contemporary small house are breathtaking.

Bright small house design and space saving furniture

Small house design with sliding shutters
Sliding wooden shutters for glass doors

The house is located in Wisconsin, USA and envisioned by American architectural studio Revelations Architects,

The kitchen and bathroom interiors are made from prefabricated parts. The glass front doors feature sliding wooden shutters designed to protect the home in bad weather, and provide more privacy at night.

Wooden dining table and benches transforming into a large bed

Space saving ideas for wood furniture

Glass wall design visually increase small spaces and connect functional zones offering gorgeous views of the forest. Flexible and multifunctional interior design is enriched by space saving ideas and enhanced with warm wooden materials and large windows that create comfortable, bright and cozy atmosphere in the house.

Modern small house design

Empty container house design, cheap and durable modern houses

Small house design with large window seat

Small house design creates harmonious duet with a neighboring large home

  by Ena Russ   

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