Duplex Penthouse with Creative Room Dividers and Hanging Staircase

contemporary home interiors in black and white



Lushome presents an unusual, creative and exciting architectural and interior design project, the Duplex penthouse in Tel Aviv. While providing bright home interiors for a family, the living spaces create a comfortable environment for kids and parents. Unusual room dividers separated the areas for children and adults but allow natural connection and encourage interaction. This warm, comfortable, contemporary home offer fabulous, family-friendly interiors.

Toledano + Architects, www.toledano-architects.com/ creatively designed a duplex penthouse spaces blending the functionality and flexibility into attractive, modern interior design ideas. Sliding doors, a hidden bar in the bookcase, an extensive metal table create a multifunctional interior design and allow adjusting the living spaces for several activities according to the time of the day or the occasion.

The most striking feature of the apartment is the hanging staircase design, which adds a graphic image to open, contemporary interior design while bringing natural light between the metal cables. The unusual staircase is one of the artistic, original architectural designs that add character to the modern dwelling.

15 beautiful staircase designs, stairs in modern interior design

Room dividers and partition walls creating functional interior design

Black and white rooms in contemporary penthouse with impressive fireplace design

Modern home with creative room dividers

Open living spaces and hanging staircase design

Inspired by a playground, kids room design is not only functional and comfortable, but original, playful, and exciting. A desk, a blackboard, bookshelves, beds, a wood cabin with laser-cut maps on the wall, a dance bar, and spacious closets create unique, well organized, and stimulating children bedroom. The design encourages creativity and provides an attractive and energetic environment for kids activities.

The parents have their master suite separated from the rest of the duplex areas and providing ultimate comfort. The modern living spaces are extended outdoors with large windows. A terrace and a pergola, enlivened by plants, offer fabulous outdoor living spaces that increase home interiors. Spectacular views of the Tel Aviv skyline add a luxurious feel and strong character to the penthouse, enriching the interior design and beautifying outdoor spaces.

Functional kids room design, wooden furniture and creative room dividers
Black and white interior design

Outdoor living space, terrace

Comfortable built-in benches with colorful pillows and a sunshade that protects the terrace from the midday sun create functional and inviting outdoor spaces, perfect for spending time with family and friends or alone. An original planting box brings a beautiful accent to the stylish terrace with a panoramic view of the city. The citrus trees add green colors, aroma, and natural feel to the peaceful retreat.

penthouse terrace with wooden flooring

Photography by Oded Smadar.

  by Ena Russ   

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