Designer Rugs from Fabrizio Cantoni Inspired by Oriental Rugs of Tibet

ethnic interior decorating and modern rugs

Unique modern rugs inspired by contemporary art and ethnic interior decorating ideas

Beautiful oriental rugs from Milan based designer Fabrizio Cantoni make gorgeous floor decorations for modern homes. Inspired by oriental rugs of Tibet, these decorative accessories are luxurious and versatile, suitable for any interior decorating.

Fascinated by Iranian rugs and oriental rugs from Tibet, the designer creates beautiful carpets that are colorful and elegant. Attractive and functional. these decorative accessories blend functionality with unique and modern look.

Great Tibetan carpets are quite different and impressive, the designer says. They have a different weave and bring a different mood into modern interior decorating They are gorgeous floor decorations produced by Tibetan masters.

Creative design ideas turning contemporary floor rugs into fabulous home decorations with crystals

Modern floor decor ideas, unique contemporary floor rugs

Modern rugs inspired by Tibetan floor rugs

Unique modern rugs inspired by contemporary art and ethnic interior decorating ideas

Designer rugs from Fabrizio Cantoni is fresh and fascinating. They feature nature inspired designs and amazing images, like a human heart, which bring unique accents into modern interior decorating.

Lushome brings this beautiful collection of designer rugs that delight and surprise with unusual designs and the effect of aged surfaces of antique textiles. The contemporary floor rugs are decorated with simple geometric patterns and classy floral designs, blending traditional and modern ideas and techniques into spectacular and unique floor decorations.

Contemporary floor rugs inspired by Tibetan oriental rugs

Contemporary floor rugs are about geometry and color combinations. Modern ideas add to classic floor decorations a fresh and interesting look.

Modern rugs and floor decor ideas, contemporary rugs for floor decoration

Unusual floor rugs and carpets adding innovative designs to modern interior decorating

The new collection of floor rugs from Italian designers look like modern artworks inspired by traditional home furnishings from Tibet, that bring ethnic decorating accessories into modern interiors in Europe and North America.

Beautiful wool rugs with aged look and contemporary geometric patterns for modern interior decorating
Modern rugs in vintage style for interior decorating

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 20.01.2014