Creative, Modern, Wooden Furniture in Eco Style by Andre Joyau

unique furniture design with solid wood pieces

Unique furniture design in eco style


Wooden furniture by Andre Joyau is incredible. Creative and eco friendly, functional and aesthetically appealing wooden chairs and coffee tables, benches and cabinets look amazing. Lushome presents this beautiful collection of designer furniture by self-taught sculptor and unique furniture designer Andre Joyau,

Unique furniture pieces are created with solid wood pieces and demonstrate creative approach to eco friendly furniture design and clever thinking outside the box. Cocoon chairs are original and impressive, offering true decorations for modern homes.

Low Endgrain table design is very attractive. Bascule chairs with angora sheepskin look warm and charming. Lotus leaf coffee table and other pieces of wooden furniture look like artworks while providing functional modern furniture for home decorating.

25 handmade wooden furniture, modern salvaged wood chairs, stools and benches

25 modern wooden furniture design ideas in eco style

Exclusive carved wood furniture and decor items

Wooden furniture

Creative solid wood furniture, wooden chairs

Each single items of this wooden furniture collection can add a striking element to home decorating. Grouped together, these beautiful wooden furniture items create incredible room decorating.

Solid wood adds comfort and warmth to modern chairs and coffee tables. Creative, eco responsible and unique furniture ideas turn ordinary pieces into original, stylish and beautiful.

Unique furniture design in eco style

The sensibility and desire to make good modern furniture while allowing the natural and the organic design a place in the finished work help create truly amazing designer furniture pieces.

Small table with solid wood base, designer furniture by Andre Joyau

Modern chairs decorated with sheep skin

Solid wood chairs with metal base

Solid wood coffee table

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 02.07.2016


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