Creative DIY Advent Calendars Making Christmas Super Special

twig advent calendar crafts

Wall decoration for Christmas, Advent calendar made with a twig and paper bags


Advent Calendars originate from the 19th century. They make beautiful Christmas decorations and add fun to counting down the exciting days before Christmas. Vintage Advent calendars transformed over the centuries and turn into fun Christmas decorations filled with chocolate and toys. Gerhard Lang printed the first advent calendar in 1908 in Munich, and in the 1950s, chocolate advent calendars came to the shelves to purchase.

Nowadays, we create cute handmade advent calendars for kids, pets, and ourselves to add more fun and excitement to Christmas. DIY advent calendars consist of 25 boxes, bags, or envelopes to open – one for each day. A single chocolate treat or a little toy inside keeps all kids and adults interested in the Christmas countdown.

Handmade Christmas decorations created with cinnamon sticks, Green holiday decor ideas

Making paper snowflakes and garlands, lovely handmade Christmas decorations

Creative craft ideas for winter holidays

Advent calendar design ideas

Recycling glass jars for Christmas decorations, fun Advent calendar idea

Handmade Advent calendars are a beautiful way to teach kids to be patient. Creative craft ideas and handmade designs allow children to make unique Christmas decorations. If you like to make something with your kids for Christmas, consider an Advent calendar. You can choose a nice design and fill it with candies, chocolates, or notes.

Christmas tree-shaped Advent calendars

Pet Advent calendars adding fun to Christmas ideas

Easy steps to charming and welcoming Christmas decor

Check out the Lushome collection of handmade Advent calendars and see if recycling and DIY projects are right for you and your family. Advent calendars are pretty additions to winter holiday decorations. Handmade calendars are cheap Christmas ideas that amplify the excitement of the festive season.

Creative Christmas idea for decorating a wooden ladder

You can personalize your design and make fantastic pre-Christmas gifts. If you like to recycle, you can make an advent calendar like one of those below, putting in the kids’ favorite sweets and little toys. You can reuse and recycle wicker baskets, wooden boxes, glass jars, or make paper boxes, fabric bags, and paper envelopes. Check out the creative design ideas for making Advent calendars and get inspired by clever clutter-recycled crafts.

Creative use of cupcake forms for Christmas decorating
Wreath-shaped Advent calendar recycling paper rolls
Advent calendar in a wooden box
Advent calendar in a basket
Wall decoration for Christmas; Advent calendar made with a twig and paper bags
Clever design idea for Christmas clocks
Paper boxes
Handmade Advent calendar recycling paper
Christmas bucket with daily surprises
Little houses calendar, paper crafts, Christmas ideas
Driftwood wall decoration, Christmas advent calendar

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