10 Steps to Charming Christmas Decor and Comfortable Holiday Atmosphere in your Home

white candle and red berries table centerpiece
White candle centerpiece with red berries

Christmas decorating is about setting a festive and relaxing atmosphere, creating bright and charming Christmas decor, and enjoying the season. Shimmering Christmas balls, garlands, sparkling tinsel and shiny winter ornaments look beautiful with traditional and alternative Christmas trees, and colorful windows, doors, and ceilings accents. Here are quick tips for decorating your house for winter holidays and designing pleasant, inviting, comfortable and beautiful rooms that enhance the spirit of the spectacular season.

Quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas can transform your house while helping save money, time, and effort. The elegant simplicity and a creative blend of traditional holiday decorations with fresh, original designs bring comfort into your home while saving money and time for enjoying the magical winter holidays with family and friends. Lushome encourages to simplify winter holiday decor, consider cheap ideas for home decorating, and make the celebration stress-free, relaxing, and pleasant.

Stress-free Christmas decorating ideas

Comfortable and festive Christmas decorating ideas, knit chair cover, red pillows with snowflakes

Golden Christmas ideas, modern trends in decorating for winter holidays

Alternative Christmas tree designs utilizing stepladders

Latest trends in decorating for Christmas

1. Add winter holiday aroma

Coffee, fresh pastries, a sense of pine needles, herbs, and essential oils are easy ways to bring our childhood memories of beautiful Christmas times of the past. Bright colors of oranges, ginger cookies, pleasant aromas of cloves and rosemary, and warmth of winter decorating make people smile setting an unforgettable atmosphere of the winter holidays.

Golden Christmas balls, cloves, oranges, pine cones, cinnamon sticks
WInter holiday scents, coffee candles

2. Design an original calendar

DIY calendars are excellent ideas that bring the excitement of the coming winter holidays. FIll the pockets with treats to remember the joy of every day before Christmas and New Year Eve.

Christmas tree with golden star topper, DIY advent calendar
Colorful calendar and shelves decoration in red and white

3. Make garlands

Small gifts and numbers of days left before Christmas make beautiful ornaments hanging from a Christmas garland. Bright gift boxes suspended on a rope, silhouettes that represent winter, houses, mountains, miniature Christmas trees or heart decorations add unique accents to Christmas garlands. DIY garlands are perfect for window decorating, fireplace mantels, and shelf decor.

DIY red-white garlands for window decorating
Colorful paper crafts, holiday garlands

4. Choose your favorite Christmas tree theme

There are many attractive Christmas themes for decorating your holiday tree. Small toys and crafts scented with a drop of your favorite essential oil, cinnamon sticks can add a familiar season aroma to your Christmas tree. Dried fruits, small food, candies, apples, ginger cookies, tangerines, wrapped in shiny foil nuts are just a few natural and charming Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Traditional Christmas tree decorating, spiral staircase, crystal chandelier with candles
Small Christmas tree, golden stars, lanterns

5. Design an alternative Christmas tree

Wood holiday trees, miniature Christmas trees made of paper, felt or fabrics, wall holiday designs are beautiful alternatives for Green winter decorating. Recycling geans and turning houseplants, especially succulents, into alternative Christmas trees are modern Christmas trends that are popular and creative. A wooden ladder or utility stepladder with garlands, lights, and Christmas ornaments make eco-friendly and original holiday decorations in a minimalist style.

Indoor plant with Christmas lights, creative holiday decorations

A few wooden twigs in the vase, evergreen branches or houseplants, decorated with winter holiday ornaments make perfect table centerpieces. Winter flowers, combined with traditional winter figurines and Christmas balls look spectacular on holiday tables.

Indoor plant with small Christmas balls and lights

6. Enjoy paper crafts

Creative paper crafts are one of the most unusual and cheap ideas for charming winter decorating on a dime. Beautiful paper designs bring a nostalgic atmosphere to winter homes and add unique accents to modern or traditional Christmas decorating. DIY holiday trees, snowmen or snowflakes, simplistic and colorful geometric designs and themes winter holiday decorations recycling paper are perfect craft ideas for kids and adults.

Handmade paper decorations in white, red, green colors
Christmas craft ideas, trees, snowmen garlands

7. Add Christmas wreaths

Winter holiday decorations that adorn door wreaths set a beautiful atmosphere and connect the generations. These traditional Christmas decor ideas are favorite and symbolic. You can buy an artificial wreath or make with live green branches, but imagine how beautiful your home can look adorned with handmade, unique, and bright decoration.

Original door wreath with white owl and pine cones
Trendy Christmas ideas, succulent wreaths

8. Design table decorations

Turn your dining table and coffee table into winter holiday displays. Use pine cones, Christmas balls, sweets, and candies to enhance the joyful, festive atmosphere of the season and lift your spirit. Set the dining table for the winter party, designing a bright tablescape that fills the room with the mood of the holiday season.

White candle centerpiece with red berries
Pine cones and ribbons, winter holiday table decorations

9. Decorate your home with winter flowers

Winter flowers in pink, white, and red colors are excellent holiday decorations. Red colors are powerful, energetic, dramatic, warm, and festive. Pink hues are romantic and playful. White is elegant and sophisticated. Poinsettia flowers in pink, white, and red colors are universally appealing, bright, and beautiful winter holiday decorations.

Christmas ideas, beautiful poinsettia plants for staircase decoration
Floral ornaments for home decorating

10. Have fun with family and friends

The most import thing is to select winter holiday ideas which can turn into beautiful times you share with your family and friends. Decorating your Christmas tree, making wreaths or alternative Green decor, baking and wrapping holiday gifts are fabulous projects to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the winter season. Happy holidays!

Snow, owl in Santa hat, winter holiday decorations

  by Ena Russ   

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