Creative Apartment Ideas Enhanced by Changing Color Triangular Floor Tiles

modern ideas for apartment redesign and renovation
Old apartment redesign and renovation with changing color floor tiles


Creative Barcelona apartment ideas by London studio David Kohn Architects turned an apartment renovation project into an artwork with unusual triangular-shaped floor tiles, unique architectural designs and space saving solutions. This apartment redesign and renovation project has been named the World Interior of the Year at the Inside Festival in Singapore.

The floor of the Carrer Avinyo apartment is covered in colorful triangular floor tiles that gradually change their color from green to red across the space. The architects designed the apartment as a holiday home for two brothers who live in London and Hong Kong. They removed the internal partitions and created a large living space with a kitchen and a home library.

The amazing apartment ideas include restoring the original ceiling moldings and adding gorgeous color contrasts to home interiors. The triangular floor tiles are adorned with triangular decoration patterns, and the elements gradually change color from green to red, adding a striking effect to apartment decorating. Located in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, the apartment is designed as a vacation place for people who grew up in this city.

Modern interior design with triangular floor tiles

Old apartment redesign and renovation with changing color floor tiles

Most of the apartment’s internal partitions were stripped away, creating an open-plan living space that makes the most of the high ceilings, huge windows and ornate moldings. 25 different floor tile designs add unique character to this interior design.

Unusual and very decorative floor tiles add a splash of color to the open space. Their gradual change in color softly defines functional zones. The green floor tiles surround two bedrooms, and the red floor tiles frame a kitchen with book shelves and a bedroom above.

Modern apartment ideas, triangular floor tiles

Indoor balconies form a corridor between the two first-floor bedrooms and their en suite bathrooms. A custom-made wooden dining table is positioned diagonally, providing a large family dining area at the spot where the green and red floor tiles are most mixed.

Decorating small spaces blending colorful home accessories and white apartment ideas

Unique apartment building, Bandra Ohm Residential Tower with private pools on balconies

Luxury apartment ideas present customized modern designer home

The apartment ideas by David Kohn Architects, blend old and new into beautiful, aesthetically appealing, comfortable and modern home interiors with an artistic vibe. Innovative floor tiles in various colors add a true decoration to this modern interior design.

Custom made dining furniture, wooden table and upholstered chairs
Unique floor tiles with triangular decoration pattern

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