Colorful Wall Decorations, Creative Tapestry Artworks by Judit Just

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Fiber artworks, unique wall decorations


Beautiful art by Spanish artist Judith Just, living in North Carolina, make fabulous accents on empty walls. These vibrant wall decorations are creative tapestries designed as colorful compositions with traditional and modern weaving techniques. Satin ribbons, viscose tassels, silk threads, cords, and soft wool fibers turn into eye-catching, bright, and contemporary wall decorations celebrating color, texture, and unique shapes.

Each artwork is a result of a manual process producing unique tapestries where no two wall hangings are the same. These vertical wall decorations look attractive and stylish on wooden dowels, which are painted by hand to complement the vibrant fibers. Sizes of the fabulous tapestries vary from 25 by 25 inches to more than 3 feet.

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Fiber art by Judit Just, North Carolina
Fiber artworks, unique wall decorations

To see more artworks or buy these beautiful wall decorations, visit her Etsy store and Instagram page.

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