Modern Wall Decorating, 25 Ideas to Reuse Clutter and Yard Sales Finds

wall clock in vintage style

Green wallpaper, red sofa, wall clock in vintage style


Clutter is a fantastic material for creating unique wall decor. Here are smart ways to decorate walls with old, useless items you keep in your house and turn yard sale finds into spectacular wall decorations. You do not have to spend money on expensive art to give your walls a little excitement and chic. Declutter your home or look for cheap items on yard sales to reuse them in creative ways for your wall decorating. Old clocks, musical instruments, bicycle frames, party themed decor items, black and white photographs, sports gear, retro posters, souvenirs, artworks, retro posters, vintage maps, tapestry, flags, mirrors, and all unusual sculptural objects can make unique, attractive and modern wall decorations.

Get rid of clutter, explore yard sales, second-hand stores, and flea markets looking for original and cheap decorations, turning the ordinary items into extraordinary wall decor. Creative and inexpensive ideas help resourceful minds. Skilled hands and thrifty finds create a wow factor in your living spaces. Grouping techniques that mix shapes and colors in the arrangements increase the effect of eye-catching wall displays.

High ceiling, wall decorated with guitars

Cheap ideas for modern wall decoration

Adorning walls with clutter, creative recycling ideas

Simple empty wall decorating ideas that help declutter your home interiors

25 recycling ideas turning clutter into modern wall decorations

1. Vintage frames and wall mirrors

Old mirrors and picture frames are ideal wall decorations. You can paint frames your favorite color or the current color to give the decorative accessories a contemporary, fresh, and stylish vibe.

Bedroom decorating, stripes on walls in deep pink colors, wall mirror, artworks in wooden frames

2. Vintage Sports Gear

Tennis racquets, wooden paddles, bike frames, helmets, boxing gloves, retro skates and skies, swimming fans or a well-worn sports socks, jerseys, T-shirts, – all sports gear in vintage style can give your wall decoration personality.

Bike wheels and frame, books and metal wall clocks

3. Retro posters, maps, artworks

Graphic posters, artworks, vintage medical charts or illustrations from old books mix a nostalgic feel with modern ideas for unique wall decorating. Original amateur paintings, colorful and unique works turn into a conversation starter. Vintage maps are elegant and classy wall decorations also. They come in all sizes, ranging from easy-to-frame retro posters to extra-large items which add drama to wall decorating.

Wall map and wooden bench

4. Traditional wall and ceiling decorations

A mid-century modern style is a favorite way to brighten up home interiors. Retro tapestries are easy to hang and add new shape, pattern, color, and texture to a gallery wall. Moldings and medallions painted and decorated with creative accents are fabulous wall decorations also. They look novel and attractive in modern homes.

Mid-century modern tapestry and artworks on walls

4. Party-themed decor, playful items, flags, pennants

Dartboards, flower designs, wooden crafts and colorful party-themed decor items add a fun vibe to casual walls and look beautiful and graphics. Flags are excellent wall decorations. Their minimal looks blend with bright color combinations and add a wow factor to large-scale art hanging on a wall. Flags add depth and texture to interiors and stylishly soften wall decoration.

White and blue flag, wall decoration

5. Vintage furniture

Letters are perfect wall decorations that give a personal touch to any room. Meaningful words that express your interests and character are a fantastic way to enhance a unique look of modern wall decoration.

Vintage furniture, artworks and wall mirrors in wooden frames on green walls

6. Portraits and photographs

Portraits of people you know add warmth to your home. Pictures of strangers, artworks of unknown painters give a mysterious feel to wall decoration. Vintage paintings and photographs are excellent decorations for empty walls.

Portraits in wooden frames, artworks in vintage style
Grayish blue wall with paintings in wood frames
Wall decorations, framed art
Wood furniture, wall mirror, prints in wooden frames, recycling for wall decorating
Recycling retro posters and vintage prints for wall decoration
Green wallpaper, red sofa, wall clock in vintage style

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