Colored Glass Vases Enhancing Handmade Decor Accessories with Organic Design

home decorations, handmade vases in various colors

Organic design and natural materials, colored glass vases accentuating modern interior decorating

These unusual colored glass vases are envisioned by British designers. The handmade decor accessories mix natural materials, – colored glass, wood, ceramic, metal, brass and copper, creating a gorgeous blend of these beautiful natural materials. Lushome brings the latest collection of decorative vases from Utopia & Utility, which is particularly rich in colors and textures.

Modern decor accessories and furniture that blend various materials into stylish home furnishings is one of latest trends in decorating. The decorative vases are made from different materials and offer versatile decor accessories for home interiors in any style. These decorations from the new collection The Stacking Vessels consist of three separate parts made of clay, glass and wood.

Utopia & Utility is a company founded in 2012 by brother and sister Pia and Moritz Wustenberg. The designers create functional and impressive decor accessories that look bright, extraordinary and innovative.

Home staging tips and ideas for home decorating with glass vases

Fabulous decorative vases, ceramic artworks testing materials limits

Decorative vases

Ceramic, wood and metal, mixed with colored glass vase parts

Clay is combined with translucent colored glass, creating the unusual and attractive combination, enriched by the untreated wood edge. This elegant rustic charm is the hallmark of all these decorative vases that demonstrate perfect imperfections in shapes.

The handmade vases are not symmetric, and look original and natural, blending organic design with natural materials into gorgeous decor accessories for modern homes and public spaces.

Organic design and natural materials, colored glass vases accentuating modern interior decorating

Colored glass and wood feel contemporary, warm and bright. Enhanced by copper and brass details, these decor accessories look stylish, rich and exclusive, giving a charming and graceful touch to modern interior decorating.

Original design and unusual blend of materials, decorative vases

  by Ena Russ   

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