Color and Design Trends Review, 21W25 Visual Inspiration

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blue velvet sofa modern floor lamp
Globe floor lamp, modern lighting design, Bloom collection


Architectural designs

Glass shower cabin, house exterior, Huaira Cabin
Treehouse design, Norway
Modern architectural designs, Hawaii
Unique house exterior design, residence in Peru

Modern furniture design

Explore dining table by Jaime Hayon
OVO chairs by Roster Partners
Muista, active chairs, furniture design by Aurimas Lazinskas
Mixu chairs, modern furniture design
Kata chair, wood furniture

Contemporary tile designs

Modern wall tiles in gray, colorful dining furniture

Contemporary decorative accessories

Mirrored vase, design by Duo Front
Contemporary rugs in neutral colors, Chaddar rugs by Charlotte Lancelot
Puik salt-pepper set, kitchen accessories, contemporary design
Puik clock, modern decor accessories, contemporary design
Cork planter, contemporary hanging planters

Modern lighting design

Globe floor lamp, modern lighting design, Bloom collection

Inspiring color schemes

Gray-pink color scheme, modern floor rugs, pink glass lamp
Pink-orange-purple color scheme, landscape with wind turbines
Purple-gray-green-color scheme, clematis flowers on aged wood fence
Modern decoration patterns, turquoise-blue-gray-color scheme
Can image on a snow mountain background, black-white-orange color scheme
Contemporary wall decor, gray-brown color scheme
Pale-blue-brown color scheme, modern chair, upholstered furniture
Metal vase with eucalyptus leaves, wood furniture, brown-green color scheme
Brick-red-beige-color scheme, brick building, unique window designs
Grass field boardwalk with blue rope rail, beige-gray-blue color scheme

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