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Colorful pom-poms, handmade kids party decorations


The end of summer is the time when kids are getting ready to go back to school. It is beginning of a new year in school. Colorful kids party ideas will help make the transition from summer play to study experiences smooth and pleasant. You can make the occasion exciting and unique giving your children a back to school party, inviting their friends, preparing delicious snack and decorating sweet treats. The last week of summer is the perfect time for the back to school party.

The last week of summer is the perfect time for the back to school party. The last weekend is the time for getting together with your kids, their friends, eat, play, organize a picnic, and enjoy summer fun activities. You may have a pizza party, offer craft ideas, make sandwiches together and allow a sleepover with popcorn and movies. Here are beautiful back to school party ideas for room and table decoration. Say hurray to your kids before they go back to school and get busy with studies.

Kids party table decoration

Washi tape decorating ideas and colorful paper globes, Brit+Co blog

You can prepare a beautiful back to school party with little money. Basic snack food and colorful room decorations, school-themed accents, and good mood set a fantastic atmosphere in your home or yard. Here are some useful tips for throwing a back to school party at the end of summer.

25 back to school room decorating ideas

22 creative back to school party decorations and table centerpieces

Creative food design ideas adding fun to kids party tables

1. Age friendly decor

The age of your children and their guests define your home decorating and party food ideas. Primary grade students, middle school children, and high school teens enjoy different party themes and food.

Globe centerpieces, colorful kids party table decoration

2. Party themes

Deciding on a decorating theme is easy. Anything goes for back to school party decorations, but the school-themed decor is the best idea for the back to school party. Globes, maps, and colorful pencils or pens look fabulous with creative paper crafts, balloons, and handmade garlands.

Colorful pom-poms, homemade kids party decorations

3. Inviting guests

Back to school parties are family-friendly, informal occasions, so there are no formal invitations needed. Make sure your children and friends know the time and theme of the party, so they can dress appropriately and be on time.

Colorful balloons setting a festive atmosphere

4. Table decorations and party food

Basic snacks and drinks look beautiful with handmade table decorations, fall flowers, colorful balloons, and paper crafts. Even bent paper circles or Lego napkins holders bring excitement into party decoration and create bright accents for the party table. Edible decorations are a fantastic way to surprise and delight children. Unleash your creativity, invite your kids to help you, and make sure you have enough food and beverages for everyone.

DIY table vase made with colored pencils

5. Cheap decorating ideas

You can plan for room or yard decorations and have everything ready in advance, or make the place bright and exciting together with kids and their friends. Easy decorating ideas can be a part of the back to school party fun. Balloons, paper flowers, streamers, garlands, geometric shapes made of colorful paper are just a few things kids enjoy to design at the beginning of the party.

Party table decor, floral centerpieces

6. Night party decorations

Handmade lanterns are fabulous yard decorations. Glowing in the dark paint helps make any object unusual. Light garlands create beautiful illumination. You can use these inexpensive and attractive ideas for creative and interesting yard decorating for a movie night party.

Painted glass jars glow in the dark, creative lighting ideas for night parties

Summer is the exciting time for children, and the back to school party is the last celebration they will remember after starting the new school year. Make the event colorful and unforgettable. Add original edible decorations and favorite kids food to party table decoration. Create a bright atmosphere and fill your home with fun. Plan activities for children and have the best time watching their happy faces before they grow up. It happens too quickly.

Paper boats, hanging decorations
Paper globes, party decorations
Unusual table centerpieces
Paper crafts for party table decoration
Feathers and colorful tableware
Black and white table decorations
Party table decor, floral centerpieces

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