Bloom Chair Design, Unique Furniture Bringing Bright Color and Exotic Look into Home Decorating

unique furniture design, red chair inspired by flower
Unique furniture design idea, red chair inspired by blooming flower


Hibiscus flower inspired chair design spice up interior design and decor ideas with an exotic tropical feel. The gorgeous Bloom chair design is a creative blend of functionality and artistic look, rich colors and romantic shape.

Flower inspired chairs from Kenneth Cobonpue, feature an amazing, simple and flamboyant flower shape and soft texture. These stunning contemporary chairs are handmade of microfiber fabric and hand-shaped with thousands of fine stitches.

Stitches that goes from the center of the chair, creating the look and feel of a Hibiscus flower in full bloom. The material is stretched over a resin top. A durable steel base add stability and durability to the contemporary chair design.

Flower-shaped contemporary chairs in bright colors

Tropical flower inspired contemporary chairs Bloom in red and yellow colors

Like fabulous, tender and bright Hibiscus flower  these contemporary chairs lures you with their vibrant color shades and inviting form. The contemporary chairs come in bright color hues, including yellow and lime green, and in deep color tones, like moss green, dark red and black.

The Bloom chairs are available in Easy Armchair and Club Chair designs. You can mix and match chairs in different colors and add a beautifully blooming garden of unique and colorful contemporary chairs to your home decorating.

Yellow chair inspired by Hibiscus flower

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Unique furniture design idea, red chair inspired by blooming flower

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