Beautiful Thanksgiving Ideas with Vintage Vibe for your Family Holiday Tables

outdoor table setting in fall
Wood table decorations, pumpkins, candles


Thanksgiving table decorating can reflect many beautiful themes. Fall colors of vibrant foliage, autumn vegetables, and fruits, nuts, berries are beautiful inspirations for Thanksgiving decoration. The minimalist style and contemporary style offer the simple and elegant table decorations. Experiencing the charm of a vintage Thanksgiving table setting is an excellent idea also.

Old-world details and vintage accents add to Thanksgiving holiday joy. Traditional holiday table adds a nostalgic feel to the holiday decor, and contemporary accents brighten up and style your Thanksgiving table setting. Here is the Lushome collection of the best ideas showing how to mix and match old and new for creating beautiful family holiday tables.

Candle centerpieces with Rowan berries and rose hips

Fall flower arrangements for Thanksgiving table decoration

Green Thanksgiving decor, artichoke table centerpiece ideas

Thanksgiving table decorating ideas

White tableware and tablecloth, linen napkins, silver-golden pumpkin centerpiece idea, ribbons, feathers

Metal, glass, and wood elements, vegetables, and fruits, metallic and colored glass come together for the greater Thanksgiving history appreciation. It is easy to pull together what you have at home and new items. The mix of simplifies and chic creates personality and an authentic look of your Thanksgiving table decoration. Design the old-world ambiance with vintage and modern pieces, blending the history into your holiday decorations.

Retro poster, Happy Thanksgiving, vintage style

Candle centerpieces for fall holiday tables

Natural Halloween and Thanksgiving table centerpieces

Beautiful fall decorations created with natural materials

Here are straightforward but elegant Thanksgiving table decorating ideas to mix with modern-day holiday table settings. The creative blend of the old and new turns into unforgettable, original, and meaningful family holiday celebration with the charm of the vintage style and a touch of elegance of the contemporary style.

1. No tablecloth

Wooden tables and ceramic plates are an excellent way to create an authentic feel of the vintage decor.

Thanksgiving table setting, white tableware, fall vegetables

2. Linen tablecloth and napkins

White linen or fabrics in off-white and gray color tones are the best color choices of the period. Natural colors and natural fibers, simplistic designs, rectangular or square shapes work well with any Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

Thanksgiving ideas for holiday table decoration, orange colors, pumpkin centerpieces

3. Natural wood element

Wood table pads, bowls, mugs, plates, wooden table decorations, baskets, and wood crafts are the beautiful ways to remind of the old-time Thanksgiving.

Wood table decorations, pumpkins, candles

4. Metal accessories

The metal element is excellent for old-time Thanksgiving table. Mugs, candle holders, metal crafts and decorative signs look harmonious with metal tableware. Old and new metal items enhance Thanksgiving table decorating bringing more texture and gorgeous colors.

Metal table decorations, peacock, white pumpkin centerpiece ideas

5. Glasses and candles

Thanksgiving table decorating with glass looks festive and bright. Colored glasses and clear glass items bring sparkling details to holiday tables and mix well with all decorating ideas. Candles are an essential element of creating warmth and coziness. Decorating with glass and candles make the holiday tables look inviting and add a mysterious, romantic vibe to the celebration.

Thanksgiving table decorating with glass and candles

6. Fall flowers and vegetables

Beautiful flowers blooming in autumn, fall vegetables and fruits, autumn leaves, acorns, pine cones, and berries are excellent Thanksgiving table decorations. Create table centerpieces with natural materials, like branches, fall leaves, branches, acorns, and chestnuts, add pumpkins or-and apples and make your Thanksgiving table decor look colorful.

Orange and green leaves, plates, Thanksgiving table setting

Cook the traditional turkey meal, serve your family-favorite desserts, and your family members will not forget your delicious and impressive Thanksgiving table, the aroma and fair of the vintage celebration.

Thanksgiving turkey

  by Ena Russ   

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