55 Modern Menorah Designs, Original Winter Holiday Decorations

wooden menorah
Wooden holiday decorations, rustic wood menorah



Contemporary design ideas turn traditional holiday decorations into beautiful artworks. The Lushome collection of original Hanukkah Menorahs demonstrates creative, innovative, and surprising designs. The modern Menorahs feature unique designs. Some are handmade of metal, natural wood, stone, glass, concrete, or contemporary materials to add fabulous candle centerpieces to your winter holiday decorations.

Sleek and modern design ideas add originality to traditional Menorahs and give a fresh touch to the traditional celebration. Playful designs are great to excite kids. The contemporary design shows the unique character of these holiday decorations and offers many attractive home decor choices for decorating during a modern festival of lights.

Unique lighting design reinventing traditional menorahs

Romantic holiday decorations, beautiful flowers, candle centerpieces

Modern holiday decorations

Traditional menorah, winter holiday decorations

The latest trends in decorating are originality and individualization. Contemporary design that is not for everyone offers creative solutions that can fit any interior style, mixing with the existing decor in an eclectic fusion of styles. Modern and traditional menorahs make perfect accents to holiday decor when a mix of styles looks exciting and helps the best express the personality.

Original candle design ideas

Coffee beans, creative holiday decorations

Bulk food candle centerpieces

Contemporary design ideas

Geometry trends in decorating, contemporary accessories, vases, candle holders

If new design ideas are your passion, check out the modern ideas and creative menorah designs to appreciate a wide range of surprising solutions and new materials. Stylish decorative accessories follow the latest trends and can refresh and personalize your home interiors to show your emotions during the winter holidays.

Original modern design, menorah candles
Contemporary design, menorah candles, matches
Unique menorah design idea
Floral menorah candelabra
Wooden holiday decorations, rustic wood menorah

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