Unique Lighting Design Idea Reinventing Traditional Jewish Menorah

unique lighting design idea, gas menorah

Unique lighting design idea inspired by Jewish menorah


This modern lighting design idea is inspired by traditional Jewish menorah and blends old and new into an attractive contemporary lighting fixture that provide beautiful candles like glow and decorate modern interiors with unique candelabra shapes. It looks antique and exclusive, bringing symbolic lighting design into modern interior decorating.

Zippo Gasolier is a lamp that works on natural gas and looks like a traditional menorah. The metal lighting fixture feels solid and heavy. Its shape is unique and can enrich any interior decorating scheme. Zippo lighting provides soft illumination and complements modern interiors with the creative design idea.

Gold-plated, steel lighting fixture is perfect for Hanukkah decorating and adding fantastic accents to home decorating for special events. Rich and original, the lighting fixture works well with classic and traditional modern lighting, while adding personality to interior decorating.

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Unique lighting fixtures in creative shapes, modern lighting design in Scandinavian style

Unique lighting design idea

Unique lighting design idea inspired by Jewish menorah

Zippo Gasolier is a unique lighting design idea from Luka Pirnat. It combines together the 19th century traditions with modern gas lighters that use inexpensive natural gas.

Classy and elegant, the lighting fixture is a great way to add character and charm to interior decorating and spice up winter holiday decor with convenient and innovative table lamp design.

Gas lighting fixture in a shape of a traditional menorah

Gold plated metal lamp

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 24.12.2013


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