5 Unique Furniture Design Ideas, Designer Furniture for Modern Interiors

designer furniture, hammock chair for outdoor rooms and interior decorating

Designer furniture, hanging chair for outdoor rooms and interior decorating


Glass top coffee table with a wooden base that is curvilinear and looks like a butterfly wings is called Oak Sofa Table and designed by Sandro Lopez. This designer furniture piece looks elegant, interesting, fresh and very stylish. It was presented during the Milan Design Week 2014 and caught a lot of attention there.

The unusual and unique furniture design with a glass top and a wooden base blends attractive contrasts into this coffee table. Two of these elements are connected and form a surprisingly simple modern furniture design that is impressive and captivating.

The design furniture piece is original and contemporary. The Oak Sofa Table has a character and make a wonderful centerpiece for living room decorating. Sophisticated, functional and unique, this furniture design idea is transformed into a beautiful glass top coffee table.

Modern kids room decor, playful children furniture design ideas

Unique furniture design ideas

Attractive material combinations, unique shapes, geometric forms and artistic concepts, smart space saving ideas and latest trends in decorating create unique furniture pieces that make a statement and create original and modern interior design.

Glass top coffee table by Sandro Lopez

Based on a combination of identical geometric shapes, the base of this coffee table is amazingly simple and interesting.

The glass and wood table looks great with wooden walls and floor while creating visually more spacious interior design.

Modern tables, modular furniture design idea

Multifunction modern tables created with honeycomb shapes can be used as office desks, coffee tables, dressing room tables or dining tables. You can create a table in any size with honeycomb shapes. Perfect for narrow and small rooms, this unique furniture design idea help design customized and modern tables for any interior.

Modern tables with storage, modular furniture design idea

The modular furniture piece features a storage system under the table top, offering convenient storage spaces for all your need to store. These modular furniture pieces are developed by Anna and Marek Lorens, a design duo from Warsaw, Poland.

Contemporary furniture design idea, unique chair with hair

Soft honey yellow color gives charm to the table design and enhances the similarity with honeycombs, while adding warmth to interior design and decorating. The plywood table top is polished and reflects the light. Thin legs are made of aluminum. These modular furniture items are available in a smaller version for kids also.

Plywood table with aluminum legs and storage spaces, modular furniture design for kids

Cageling hanging chair

The versatile hanging cage chair features Dutch design by studio Ontwerpduo, www.ontwerpduo.nl/ inspired by bird cages.

Designer furniture, hanging chair for outdoor rooms and interior decorating

Comfortable and unusual, the chair design connect two worlds, and provide a nice place to rest without being isolated from your surroundings. Not captured, yet safe – a person feels free like bird in this pretty cage chair while swinging back and forth.

Hammock chair with blue cushions in various shapes

The cage chairs are versatile and stylish, creative and unique furniture pieces, great for indoor and outdoor home decorating. These modern chairs can be made in any color you wish. Be a child again, enjoy interiors and outdoor living spaces in style while swinging in this modern cage chair.

Weatherproof coating adds a versatility to this chair design. The Cageling hanging chair looks elegant and attractive. It can be used for any interior decorating and will beautify outdoor rooms.

Modern furniture created with sharp geometric shapes

Sharp and angular forms that create these modern furniture pieces look unusual, provocative, interesting and stylish. Geometric decoration patterns are one of modern interior design trends. Decorating ideas and modern furniture, influenced by these simple geometry trends, certainly make a bold statement.

Changing color modern furniture design trends

The Triangulation furniture series by Nova Obiecta presents lightweight aluminum living room furniture in minimalist style that brings amazing, functional and artistic, interesting and unique furniture pieces into interior design.

Black aluminum designer furniture, Triangulation series created with geometric shapes

The designer furniture is created by artist Aimeric Chay. The aesthetics of modern furniture design is as important as its function. Each unique furniture piece is hand-made from aluminum alloys and features a matte black finish. Light weight and dramatic geometric folds create impressive designer furniture pieces that remind of the origami art.

Space saving cardboard furniture design idea

This space saving, unusual and modern furniture piece is created with cardboard. The furniture design uses chipboard and cardboard materials to make a foldable, flexible and light sofa. This unique furniture item is strong enough for up to 8 people. Flexible, convenient and interesting, this space saving and unique furniture is firm and durable. The sofa is great for decorating small apartments, home interiors, playrooms, offices and hotels.

Space saving furniture design idea, cardboard sofa Earth8

The unique honeycomb structure of the sofa adds interesting details to this furniture design. The Earth 8 cardboard sofa can stretch from just 13.5 inches when folded to 3 meters. The modern furniture piece can change its shape and create a simple or curvilinear sofa. The Earth8 sofa is a space saving furniture piece made from recycled paper and wood. It looks original and playful and can improve small spaces while bringing more comfort into interior design.

  by Ena Russ   

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