30 Fabulous Laminate Floors Adding New Patterns and Colors to Modern Floor Decoration

colorful laminate floor tiles
Colorful laminate floors, contrasting and bright color for modern floor decoration



Fabulous laminate floors bring colors and new patterns into modern interior design, offering numerous interior decorating ideas for creating unique and contemporary room decorating. Floors are an important element of home redesign and interior decorating. Gorgeous laminated floor attracts attention and add a contemporary flair to modern interior design.

Old parquet floors are about luxury, contemporary laminate floors are a way to create fabulous floor decoration with natural materials, exciting colors and patterns that look unusual and bright. Laminated floor is a multi-layer material that comes in various neutral, natural wood or vivid colors, that dramatically change modern interior design.

Contemporary laminate floors feature many different textures and patterns. Wood or leather like laminate floors look dramatic and luxurious. Laminated floor allows to design surprising floor decoration patterns and brighten up room decorating with vivid colors and contrasting color combinations.

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Latest trends in laminate floors

Colorful laminate floors, contrasting and bright color for modern floor decoration

Classic and contemporary floor decoration patterns that are reminiscent of rustic or new wood are popular modern interior design trends in laminate floors. Newspaper prints, letters and bold colors are new interior design trends in laminated floor for modern homes.

If you like to redesign your home interiors, adding unique decorative accents to your flooring ideas, consider laminated floor designs that are interesting and unusual. Choose an interesting texture and floor decoration patterns, or combined laminate floor design with natural stone and carpet, creating fabulous floors.

Beautiful floor decoration patterns on laminate floor tiles

Modern laminate floors are amazingly decorative. Contemporary printing technologies allow to create laminate floors with any images, mimicking rustic or reclaimed wood, natural stone, brick, leather or fabric texture, and add beautiful floor decoration patterns to modern interior design.

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Attractive and durable contemporary laminated floor can bring a splash of color, combining colorful planks for fantastic floor decoration patterns, that make modern interior design playful and cheerful.

Newspaper print floor decoration pattern, modern interior design trends in laminate floors
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Modern flooring ideas and interior design trends in laminate floors

Laminate floors by UniqStep (Baudorf), Parador (Germany),  Alloc Original Trend  (Norway)

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