30 Creative Ceiling Designs Adding Personality to Modern Interior Decorating

modern ceiling decoration ideas


Creative ceiling designs are a wonderful way to explore colorful, innovative and modern ideas and adding personality to interior decorating. Plain white ceiling is versatile, suitable for any interior decorating style. Unusual, bright and colorful ceiling designs are great for creating unique home interiors.

Plain white ceiling designs are excellent for small rooms. White ceiling is universally appealing and cheap. If you want to to add character to your home interiors, surprising ceiling designs offer great opportunities to make a statement. Creative ceiling designs dramatically transform rooms, make interior decorating feel intimate and beautiful, and add a contemporary flavor to your rooms.

White ceilings are classy and bright interior design solutions, perfect for any room in your house. White ceiling designs are great for decorating small apartments, homes and offices, but interesting, colorful and creative ceiling designs turn working and living spaces into spectacular, more interesting and stylish.

Black ceiling designs creating modern home interiors

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Modern ideas for ceiling designs

Modern ideas for ceiling design and interior decorating with color

Here is an amazing collection of unusual ceiling designs and modern ideas for interior decorating that can help you to add original and surprising details to your interior decorating. Simple and easy ceiling designs, creative painting ideas or intricate ceiling decoration with spectacular patterns and ornaments transform rooms into art masterpieces.

Using other colors or white and other color combinations you can create beautiful, stylish and fabulous rooms. Ceiling murals and stretch film designs, dynamic stripes and floral patterns create artworks like ceiling designs that compliment modern interior decorating with bright colors.

Wall and ceiling painting ideas, light blue color

These gorgeous ceiling designs complement interior decorating in many ways, creating stunning focal points for room decor or enhancing the mood in the room. The color and texture of these ceiling designs affect the perception of the height of the room, helping to create balanced interior decorating.

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Different ceiling designs can visually make the ceiling appear higher or lower, balance room proportions and create not only modern, but cozy home interiors.

Unusual ceiling design


Cool bright room colors, including green, blue, lilac and white increase the room. Warm room colors make surfaces appear closer, creating cozy interior decorating and adding a comfortable feel to modern ideas.

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Creative space-themed ceiling design
Modern ceiling design, interior decorating with red accents
Colorful stripes on ceiling and wall

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