3 Blue and Green Color Schemes Creating Spectacular Interior Design and Decor

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turquoise and purple dining room decorating

Modern dining room decorating in turquoise and deep purple color shades


This beautiful home features spacious and bright rooms decorated in light blue and green colors. Deep purple color shades, rich blue, orange and warm yellow color shades accentuate fresh and calming blue-green color schemes. Modern interior design and decor looks artistic, demonstrating modern artworks and creative wall niches with glass bases. The home interiors provide a wonderful place for a couple to rest and entertain in a peaceful and stylish atmosphere, or enjoy their pleasant outdoor patio and garden.

The house has two floors with bedrooms located upstairs. Each room shows character, and creative decorating ideas are enriched with its own room colors that give interior design a unique flavor. Modern interior design and decor ideas, combined with blue-green-color schemes turned rooms into breezy and elegant living spaces, ideal for a businessman and an artist from Boston.

Relaxing and inviting blue-green-color schemes enhance this comfortable retreat with fabulous hues and color combinations. This suburban home is bright and colorful, but calming and rejuvenating. Modern interior design and decor emphasize the style and comfortable chic of this artfully decorated rooms. Large windows allows to merge home interiors with outdoor living spaces, creating these light and inviting home interiors, spiced up with deep purple, rich blue, orange and warm yellow color shades.

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Blue-green color schemes for interior design and decor

Modern house and front yard landscaping

Light turquoise shades are fantastic for creating calming elegance and pleasant freshness. Light turquoise hues blend blue and green colors and turn rooms into bright, comfortable and welcoming living spaces.

Blue-green living room decorating color scheme

Modern living room decorating in blue and green colors
Blue and green color scheme for modern living room decorating

Light turquoise, blue and green colors look gorgeous with white decorating ideas. Orange and deep purple color shades beautifully complement the relaxing atmosphere and comfortable interior design.

Light blue and green colors soothing modern interior design color schemes

Modern color trends for interior design and decor from Pantone

Soft and tender room colors, combined with inviting decorating ideas add charm to these spacious home interiors. Light wooden floors and creamy white paint colors, floor carpets and lamps increase the effect.

Dining room decorating color scheme with blue and green colors

3 modern living room designs in fresh green color

Light blue and green color schemes, modern bedroom colors

Modern interior design ideas and color schemes are simple and comfortable, reminding the beach cottage decorating style. Comfortable and romantic home furnishings and beautiful artworks, jellyfish and beach stone shapes, mosaic tile design and white blue bathroom colors create pleasant and balanced interior decor, ideal for peaceful getaways and vacations.

Modern dining room decorating in turquoise and deep purple color shades
Turquoise blue, green and deep purple color scheme for dining room decorating

Free of clutter rooms feel airy and inviting. Light blue and green colors, romantic turquoise and light pink hues, orange and warm yellow color shades create modern interior design and decor that look cheerful and energizing.

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Turquoise colors for bathroom design

Deep purple color shades add an artistic touch a contemporary flavor to home interiors, while white decorating ideas invite daylight and create breezy and fresh rooms.

Turquoise blue wall paint, white decorative screen and home furnishings
Wall decorating with niches and glass vases

Modern bedroom decorating in green colors

Modern bedroom decorating in green and orange colors
Green and orange color scheme for bedroom decorating

Green colors are ideal for creating relaxing bedroom decor. Orange color shades bring energy and warmth, filling this bedroom with romantic and cheerful atmosphere.

Bedroom decorating with large artwork and home furnishings in green and orange colors

Turquoise blue and white decorating ideas for modern bathroom

turquoise blue and white decorating colors for modern bathroom design

This modern house features an attractive backyard. The natural beauty of the garden is combined with contemporary comfort turning backyard landscaping into a work of art. Manicured flower beds, topiary artworks and inviting patio design with outdoor furniture create this luxurious and pleasant spot for enjoying outdoors.

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