25 Modern Ideas to Infuse Personality into Your Rooms and Design Unique Walls

wall lights
Unique wall lights, contemporary LED design


Modern ideas for wall design and decoration allow experimenting with various materials, shapes, textures, and colors. Creative combinations of materials, stylish hues, and decoration patterns infuse personality into home interiors and turn walls into spectacular architectural features. Lushome collection of wall designs and decorating ideas demonstrates a wide variety of original ways to add character to your home interiors.

Every room asks for a personal touch to look attractive and exciting. There are many ways to personalize modern interior design by creating unique wall decoration and adding beautiful architectural accents. Extensive glass panels, contemporary windows in the floor-to-ceiling style, salvaged wood, and metal tiles, exposed brick walls, large aquariums, metal panels, reclaimed wood beams of A-frames, natural stone tile designs can create dramatic changes in your rooms.

Modern wallpaper designs, handmade decor, contemporary artworks, antique paintings, collections, photography, and crafts are just a few beautiful ideas to personalize your walls. Kids drawings and displays of your favorite items offer cheap ideas for creating unique wall decoration. Check out the wall design and decorating ideas below finding the inspirations for creating perfect wall decor in your rooms.

Creative ideas for decorating modern walls

Modern wall stickers, decals, and art in interior decorating

Flowers on walls

Personalizing wall design

Collection displays, photographs, crafts, beautiful wallpaper, and bright wall paint colors are the easy ways to add personality to your walls. Sports gears, musical instruments, maps, and paintings beautifully highlight your hobbies and interests giving unique character to your wall design. Adding huge windows, building glass walls, or personalizing your room with an aquarium get your living spaces customized and brighten up also.

Exposed brick wall design

Two-color wall painting ideas

Modern wall clocks adding character to interior design

Bookshelves and decorative shelves in wall niches make rooms look unusual and interesting. Crafts, decorative plates, contemporary or classic artworks, and unique collectibles are fabulous accents for your intimate and stylish rooms. Retro modern prints, antique paintings, beautiful wallpaper patterns and digital photography art make excellent wall decorations. Gallery walls are a fantastic way add meaning and warmth to your interior design.

Original murals, wall tile designs with 3d effects, geometric patterns and creative wall painting ideas are perfect ways of making your living spaces impressive, stylish, and unique. Bright accents and contrasts add even more interest to the modern interior design. Blending textures and using contrasting color combinations turn walls into spectacular architectural elements of your room design.

1. Glass

Modern bedroom with glass walls

2. Metal panels and tile designs

Decorative wall panels, copper

3. Wall aquariums

Changing color LED lights, wall aquarium

4. 3d wall tiles

3d wall tiles, original designs

5. Glass blocks

Colorful glass blocks

6. Contemporary LED lighting design

Unique wall lights, contemporary LED design

7. Exposed brick walls

Exposed brick wall

8. Natural stone wall design

Stone, fireplace wall design

9. Digital wallpaper

Modern wallpaper

10. Decorative wood paneling

Wooden wall paneling

11. Modern concrete texture

Concrete texture

12. Beautiful wallpaper with natural stone patterns

Natural stone patterns, warm yellow paint color

13. Bookshelves, contemporary shelving systems

Bookcases and shelves

14. Console tables, art and vase displays

Displays on console tables, wall decorating idea

15. Chalkboard paint

Blackboard paint, black and white wall decoration

16. Framed art

Framed artworks for modern wall decoration

17. Classic architectural decorations

Wall design with medallions painted green

18. Music instruments

Musical instruments, creative wall decorations

19. Wall mirrors

Wall decorating with mirrors

20. Photography and art collections

Photography and artworks for wall decoration

21. DIY decorative wall panels

DIY decorative wall panels

22. Nature-inspired themes

Trees, birds images, stylish decorating ideas for modern walls

23. Modern paint colors for accent walls

Trendy interior colors, bedroom design in purple and green

24. Original and creative wall decorations

Recycling and innovative designs for wall decoration, electrical wire art

25. Sports themes for modern wall decorating

Sports themes for modern wall decoration

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