22 Latest Trends in Decorating Empty Walls, Modern Wall Decor with Creative Twist

latest trends in decorating empty walls

Unusual artworks adding extravagant feel to wall decoration


Modern wall decorating ideas include many different, interesting and unusual decorating themes. Creative and surprising wall decorating with a personal touch and unusual twist is one of the easiest ways to transform wall decor and enhance interior design by adding colors, textures, interesting shapes and surprising objects. Lushome collection of modern wall decorating ideas demonstrates how to use anything you have at home as unique wall decorations. It gives great inspirations for creating fabulous wall decor with handmade accents, recycled crafts, paint and artworks.

For modern wall decorating simplicity and strong character are the keys. The simplicity in modern wall decorating means moderation. The creativity calls for innovative, personal and handmade designs. Instead of using all sorts of decorating accessories, the wall decorating can look beautiful and stylish just with one colorful and large piece of art or a unique antique collection arranged in a surprising way.

Wall decorating themes vary from extravagant painting ideas to modern wallpapers, creative storage solutions and recycled crafts. Modern wall decorating themes always have a nice twist that make wall decor look interesting and stylish. There are many easy ways to do this. Consider a wall as a piece of art. Empty walls are just canvas for design. Consider the size, shape, texture and color of the wall and start decorating, bringing vertical or horizontal lines that increase and decrease the wall height.

Modern wall decor ideas, empty walls decorating with frames

Decorating empty walls with clutter

Latest trends in decorating empty walls

Interior decorating with wall mirrors

1. Modern wall decorating with mirrors

2. Creative wall painting ideas

Modern wall color painting ideas in watercolor style

3. 3d wall panels, felt fabrics and textured wall paper designs

Felt wall decoration for stylish contemporary room decorating

3d wall panels, matching table lamp shade and chair upholstery fabric with floral design

4. Hand-colored and painted modern wallpaper designs

Self designed modern wallpaper for wall decorating in bedroom

5. Optical illusions to spruce up simple wall decorating with geometric shapes and cable designs

20 modern wall decoration ideas creating cable artworks

Black and white living room, wall decoration with optical illusion

6. Crochet designs and knitted wall decorations

Handmade wall decorations in yellow and green colors, crochet designs

7. Wall stickers with geometric designs in bright colors.

Unusual and modern wall stickers with geometric patterns in bright colors

8. Meaningful words and personal pictures

Staircase decorating with baby pictures and meaningful writing

9. Handmade artworks, decorative wall panels and carved wood designs

Creative handmade wall decorations in simple geometric shapes and bright colors

10. Abstract paintings and artworks with geometric shapes

Living room decorating with abstract wall art in bright colors

11. Creative bed headboard ideas

Creative bed headboard ideas for wall decorating, black and white bedroom decor

12. Unique and colorful artworks

Unusual artworks adding extravagant feel to wall decoration

13. Recycling old paper, magazines and books for wall decoration

Bedroom wall decor made with book pages

14. Nature inspired modern wallpaper designs with trees and leaves

Modern wallpaper designs with trees and leaves

15. Ethnic interior decorating ideas, colorful hats, bowls, fans and masks

Unusual wall decorations, colorful bowls, serving plates with ethnic patterns

16. Small storage solutions for functional wall decorating

Smart small storage solutions for wall decorating, picture frames with jewelry

17. Photo prints and digital print wallpaper designs with natural images

Digital print wallpaper designs, living room decorating with floral wallpaper

18. Abstract wall painting ideas

Wood texture wallpaper designs and painting ideas for bathroom decorating

19. Stone tiles for decorating empty walls

Stone tiles and decorative shelves with pictures for wall decorating

20. Brick walls wallpaper designs

Brick wall design, brick wall wallpaper patterns and various picture frames with vintage photographs

21. Modern interior decorating with wall clocks in groups

Wall clocks in various shapes and sizes for modern wall decorating in retro styles

22. Modern wall decorating with antique items and details in vintage silver and golden colors

Two sink bathroom design in black and white, wall decorating with golden and silver vintage frames

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