25 Creative Interior Decorating Ideas to Use Washi Tapes

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creative interior decorating with washi tape

Creative kids room decorating with washi tape


Modern interior decorating with black and white or colorful washi tapes is fun. It allows to personalize living spaces, furniture, and architectural elements and add character to homes and offices on a dime. Decorative washi tapes are useful for many creative projects. Great as a gift wrap or everyday household item, washi tape is an excellent media for art, crafts and decor endeavors. The sealing, masking, and beautiful properties make washi tape an incredible material for modern interior decorating and creative home organization.

Lushome presents a collection of fabulous, easy and cheap ideas for home decorating with washi tapes. The masking tape, called Japanese paper, is excellent for art and craft projects for kids and adults. Washi tapes are eco-friendly products made from the pulped fibers of various plants. It is natural, and easy to tear. It is paintable and possesses adhesive and sealing properties. The masking tape is light, strong enough to be peeled off. Washi tapes come in various colors, patterns, and designs, offering perfect materials for packaging, organizing and interior decorating.

A washi tape is a light, semi-translucent paper which allows light to shine through it. The material is ideal for adults and kids crafts, art and interior decorating projects, blending convenience, bright look, and strength. The decorating properties are phenomenal, and it helps save money on new home decorations.

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Modern floor decoration with tape stripes creating unusual designs

Modern interior decorating with washi tapes

Creative kids room decorating with washi tape

Washi tape is available in single solid colors and with beautiful prints. Interesting decoration patterns and innovative designs make this material ideal for unique and modern interior decorating. This type of tapes can give a fabulous look to home organizers and refresh decorative accents on walls. A washi tape looks fantastic on the floors, ceilings, home appliances, lighting fixtures, furniture, and lamps.

Washi tape is a unique decorating medium. It can beautifully adorn accessories, like baskets, flower pots, vases, lampshades, wall clocks, storage containers and home organizers. Washi tapes can personalize pencils, pens, tablets, phones, and laptop covers also. Some types of washi tapes which are water resistant are excellent for decorating cups, serving trays, decorative bowls, and glasses.

Wall clocks decorating with washi tape in various colors and designs

Simple stripes in black-n-white and colorful decoration patterns, whimsical and creative designs made with washi tapes look playful, blending the simplicity, functionality, and convenience into modern interior decorating. You can combine various colors and designs to create stunning, unique and stylish decoration patterns. Art and craft projects with washi tape speak originality adding a fresh look, a great color, and beauty to interiors and home furnishings.

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The Japanese craft tapes work as sealing tapes, masking, and decorative tapes. Innovative interior decorating ideas allow creating unusual combinations of various materials and add new mediums which produce fresh and original effects. Washi tapes are the exciting and versatile material, easily removable and perfect for recycling for other applications. The convenience and simplicity make washi tapes ideal for modern interior decorating with kids.

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