22 Space Saving Sliding Interior Doors for Spacious and Modern Small Rooms

small rooms with sliding doors, space saving interior design ideas
Glass sliding doors in contemporary style for modern kitchen and dining room design



Space saving sliding interior doors are wonderful home design ideas for small rooms. These modern interior doors change and evolve their designs reflecting latest trends in home decorating and offering functional and very attractive room design elements in various styles, sizes, materials and colors to match any existing interior design and decor.

Here is a collection of modern interior doors that slide providing more privacy and improving small rooms functionality. Lushome presents a few great space saving ideas for small rooms that are stylish and inspiring, and help turn small spaces into attractive, elegant and spacious small rooms. These space saving doors make ideal room dividers and are excellent for modern interior design or home staging.

Modern interior doors that hang and slide to open are wonderful alternatives to traditional doors. Ideal for small rooms, these space saving doors come in different models and can suit classic and retro, country home and contemporary interior design and decor styles, depends on their materials.

33 modern interior doors creating stylish centerpieces for interior design

Space saving interior design with sliding interior doors

Sliding interior doors with wooden frames

Sliding doors are a popular choice for small home spaces. These interior doors are versatile and suitable for any room design, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and home office designs. Home owners appreciate the opportunity to create create more space while adding stylish and elegant door designs to their interior decorating, improving functionality of living spaces and giving character to their small rooms.

Sliding interior doors can be used for many different interior design projects. They work well as closet doors, creating more space and improving small entryway designs. Sliding interior doors can be used for shelving units and bookcases in modern living rooms and bedrooms. They can hide laundry unit and kitchen cabinets. They look elegant anyway in modern homes.

Glass sliding doors in contemporary style for modern kitchen and dining room design

Made of salvaged wood, glass and metal or traditional wood, these functional elements of interior design can be very unique and decorative also. They can brighten up hallways and basements, and make a statement in family room or home office.

Unusual interior doors adding surprising accents to modern interior design ideas

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These sliding interior doors can be made of tempered glass are spectacular. They turn small rooms into spacious, visually increasing the living spaces. They bring a contemporary vibe and sophisticated design into modern interiors and create impressive centerpieces that make interior design and decor look unique, stylish and expensive.

Sliding door in red color and exposed brick wall design

Some sliding interior doors are more expensive and more attractive. The choice is yours, and it depends on the effect you want to achieve. Beautiful glass doors or heavy metal doors are not the best options for family homes with young kids. Light plastic doors and wooden doors with locks are better alternatives for safe and kid-friendly interior design.

30 creative interior door decoration ideas personalizing modern home interiors

Interior glass doors, 11 bright and modern interior design ideas

Sliding interior doors look luxurious and contemporary. They are practical, functional and unusual. They add playful accents to modern interior design and create more spacious and comfortable small rooms. Sliding doors create  more beautiful living spaces and add interest to modern interior design.

Contemporary sliding doors made of glass for spacious and bright interior design
Sliding wooden doors for small bedroom design
Space saving sliding doors and room dividers

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