20 Recycling Ideas Turning CDs into Recycled Crafts, Artworks and Jewelry

how to reuse and recycle old cds


CDs are a wonderful material for recycled crafts and art. The disks look beautiful, offering fantastic recycling ideas for creative mind and skillful hands. Lushome presents a collection of recycling ideas that give great inspirations for DIY projects and turn useless disks into home decorations, art works and jewelry.

Just a few years ago the disks were used to store old movies, favorite music and any other important information. Now old CDs can be turned into amazing recycled crafts and artworks. They can decorate doors and mirror frames. Creative recycling ideas allow to use them for modern furniture decoration and creating contemporary art.

In the skilled hands of craftsmen these useless objects can transform into fabulous home decorations and impressive, unique and surprising artworks. There is a wonderful collection of recycling ideas for all who decide to get rid of CDs junk and save money in an eco friendly way.

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Recycling CDs for art and crafts

Wall clock recycling old CDs

Free time and creativity are all you need for using CDs as a recycled crafts material. Artistic and clever ways to reuse and recycle old CDs are great for experimenting and expressing yourselves.

Lushome collection of recycled crafts and artworks made with old CDs shows how to apply your talents and skills for original design, recycled crafts and art.

Wall mirror frame decorated with CDs pieces

Shiny plastic discs are a fabulous recycled crafts material that allow to blend the complexity with simple and graceful solutions, create fun recycled crafts and surprising artworks, and bring joy and eco friendly design into our life.

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Recycling old CDs for green holiday decor

Terracotta pot decoration idea for recycling old CDs
CDs recycling idea for making unique gifts and home decorations, jewelry box
Recycling CDs for furniture decoration

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