20 Modern Interior Design Ideas Showing Latest Trends in Room Colors

modern interior colors and design ideas


Modern interior design trends 2015 bring beautiful room colors and allow to create fabulous combinations of neutral color tones and bright accents. Latest trends in room colors include crispy white and tender gray color tones, rich blue and turquoise green colors, soft pink and beige colors, classy black and pale greenish blue color tones.

Lushome shares modern ideas for interior design and decorating with color in 2015 to demonstrate stylish color hues and trendy color combinations. The latest trends in room colors allow to personalize modern interior design and decorating using your favorite colors and adding accents that reflect modern room colors.

Neutral and bright room colors can be used as background colors, complimenting or accentuating colors. Wall paint colors, colorful home furnishings, room furniture upholstery fabrics and decor accessories, such lamp shades, window curtains and wall artworks, are wonderful ways to spruce up modern interior design and decorating and add a personal touch with stylish color.

Modern interior design and decorating with lights that change room colors

7 modern interior trends

Fresh room colors for spring decorating in vintage style

Modern ideas and latest trends in room colors

Black and white room decorating

1. White decorating

White paint colors can be used for ceiling designs, walls and floor decoration. White decor can be created with upholstery fabrics, lamp shades, window curtains and wall artworks.

Modern living room design and decorating

2. Quiet gray color tones

Light gray color tones are great for all architectural elements and home furnishings. Light gray color tones bring elegance into rooms and create wonderful backdrops for brighter accents.

Bronze and quiet gray color tones, modern living room design and decorating

3. Rich blue and turquoise blue color tones

Rich blue and turquoise clue color tones are popular latest trends in decorating. Great for walls and all home furnishings, these blue colors create interesting and modern interior design and decorating.

Rich blue color and house plants for modern interior decorating

4. Pale pink, tender peach and light orange colors

Light pink, peach and orange colors can be used for walls and small accents, textiles and prints, wall art and decor accessories, like bedding, decorative pillows, lamp shades or flower bouquets.

Tender pink and white decorating ideas

5. Black, brown, bronze and beige color tones

Brown colors of natural wood are wonderful for comfortable interior design and decorating. Majestic bronze color shades add warmth and chic to modern interiors. Dark, medium and light black and beige color tones are classy room colors that work well with all hues, offering stylish, versatile and elegant choices. These neutral colors tones are perfect for any architectural or decorative element of modern interior design and decorating.

Brown colors of natural wood, bronze accents and pale green wall paint

6. Pale tones of aquamarine and see green colors

Diluted, soft and tender aquamarine, emerald and see green colors are beautiful room colors that create quiet and peaceful interior design. These room colors work well with the rest modern colors, allowing to personalize color combinations and add trendy hues to comfortable and relaxing interior decorating.

Light turquoise and pale aquamarine green colors for modern interior decorating

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