15 Modern Ideas for Shabby Chic Decorating

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Shabby chic ideas add charming atmosphere to relaxing and inviting interiors with vintage furniture and decor accessories. Shabby chic decorating brings noble aged look and exclusive feel into rooms and create very romantic, luxurious and unique living spaces.

Lushome shares shabby chic decorating ideas for living rooms and bedrooms that blends pastel and light neutral colors with pretty designs into beautiful home interiors. Antique and retro items that collected dust on attics become wonderful accents and centerpieces for shabby chic decorating.

Shabby chic is one of modern trends in decorating. Anything, from old wooden chairs and picture frames to handmade throws and adorned with lace pillows can be used for shabby chic decorating.

25 charming shabby chic decorating ideas blending light room colors and vintage decor

Shabby chic ideas

Shabby chic ideas for home decorating, vintage keys, antique vases and home decorations, photography by Lili Graphie

Shabby chic decorating allows to save money and achieve surprising results while creating bright, cozy and romantic modern interiors. Tired of the simplicity and cool feel of contemporary interior design in minimalist style, people look at old time decor accessories for bringing warmth into their homes.

Shabby chic ideas are often inexpensive, but very interesting and elegant. Antique room furniture and decor accessories, restored treasures and retro home decorations create a unique atmosphere of shabby chic decorating which blends comfort with noble aged appearance.

Shabby chic ideas for baby room decorating

Lovely linens and vintage furniture define one of the most beautiful, tender and soft trends in home decorating. Vintage furniture and decor accessories, combined with light neutral room colors, beautiful paintings or wood carvings and fresh flowers or floral designs look lovely in every room, offering versatile and cute shabby chic ideas for home decorating.

Rustic vibe and shabby chic decorating ideas

Wooden and wrought iron beds and home decorations, vintage cards and porcelain figurines, vases with fresh flowers and lace create an amazing, romantic and luxurious atmosphere in apartments and homes.

Shabby chic furniture and home decorations

Shabby chic ideas are comfortable and very attractive. Straight lines or chrome-plated surfaces, neon colors and simple, functional decor accessories need to be removed and changed for charming old time items which have universal appeal and unique flavor.

Cottage decor cosiness and shabby chic ideas

Shabby chic decorating tips:

1. Vintage furniture in Baroque and Art Deco styles, room furniture in retro styles with lots of decorative details., carved wood elements, soft curvy lines and aged surfaces.

Vintage furniture and pastels with neutral colors, shabby chic ideas for dining room decorating

2. Shabby chic decorating calls for soft pastels and light neutral colors. Peach and tender pink color, light blue and pale green colors look beautiful with white and light gray color tones.

3. Handmade decor accessories, lamp shades and tapestry, porcelain figurines and embroidered accents, carved wood jewelry boxes and metal candelabras are excellent for shabby chic decorating.

Decorating fabrics with floral designs, handmade home decorations and fresh flowers, shabby chic ideas

4. Country home decorating fabrics in French, Italian and English styles are fantastic ways to enhance shabby chic ideas by adding rich textiles. Floral designs and solid colors look charming and romantic with creative details and lace.

5. Shabby chic decorating is elegantly simple and luxuriously comfortable. Light wall paint, striped wallpaper designs and floral wallpaper patterns are wonderful shabby chic ideas for home decorating.

Creative and bright shabby chic decorating, handmade candles chandelier for dining room
Vintage furniture and fresh flowers, shabby chic ideas for home decorating, photography by ankihoglund

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