15 Modern Bedroom Design Trends and Stylish Room Decorating Ideas

modern design ideas and latest trends in decorating bedrooms



Bedroom design is an intimate and enjoyable project. Modern bedrooms reflect owners personalities and lifestyle, provide comfortable spaces to relax and rejuvenate while adding values to apartments and houses. Lushome forecasts the stylish design ideas for modern bedrooms and shares tips for creating beautiful, functional, and unique rooms.

Interior design trends are visible but uncertain. Trend forecasting is a complicated but useful way to look at old and new ideas and determine the possible changes in modern interior design or decorating. Bedroom ideas help see novelty and originality in room decorating and use these fresh ideas in decor in the future.

Many elements of interior design and decorating reflect predictions, but examining how the forecasting concepts relate to your lifestyle helps gain an understanding of what transformations in your bedroom design reflect your tastes and lead to creating a unique, functional, comfortable and modern bedroom for you.

Latest trends in bedroom designs

Black and white bedding sets and vibrant accents

1. Neutral color palette

Neutral colors conjure a relaxing ambiance of a comfortable and peaceful home. Perfect for quiet room design, neutral colors, – black, light gray tones and whites, help recharge your batteries and wake up rested. Also, the neutral color palette is ideal for decorating your bedroom with vibrant accents.

Two-color wall painting ideas and beautiful bedroom decorating

Glamorous mirrors bringing chic into modern bedroom design

Current interior design trends

2. A fusion of styles

Mixing classic and contemporary, retro-modern with exotic create fantastic home interiors that define modern bedroom designs.

Retro modern furniture and geometric patterns, bedroom decorating ideas

3. Multifunctional interior design

Small bedroom designs become more flexible, ergonomic, comfortable with space-saving and multifunctional furniture.

Accent wall design with bookcases and shelves

4. Original ideas

Original design ideas take center stage and add character to bedroom design 2017.

Modern tiles, innovative and unique bedroom designs

5. Minimalist style

Clutter-free room decorating and interior design in a minimalist style, blended with luxurious furnishings and fabulous details, is one of the modern trends for bedrooms.

Red color accents for interior decorating

6. Classy coziness and ultimate comfort

Comfort and coziness of the classic style and beautiful vintage decor help create beautiful bedrooms, inspired by luxury hotel rooms.

Classy bedroom decorating with floral designs

7. Fascinating contrasts

Contrasting color combinations and creative mix of textures, finishes, shapes are the essential elements of modern bedroom design.

Original bed headboard design, blue bedroom colors

8. Bedroom lighting

LED lights revolutionized interior design and allowed creating fabulous bedroom furniture pieces that seem floating in the air in the glow of built-in lights.

Modern bedroom lighting ideas

9. Glass wall design and large windows

Contemporary, energy-efficient glass panels are a fantastic material that transforms modern interiors into bright, comfortable, and luxurious rooms.

Modern blue bedroom colors, black and white decorating ideas, unique lighting fixtures

10. Accent wall and ceiling designs

Accent walls add character to modern bedrooms; unique ceiling designs bring chic into rooms and balance the proportions.

Upholstered bed headboard and ceiling design idea

11. Original bed headboard ideas

Innovative bed headboard ideas create visual interest and personalize bedrooms.

Designer bed headboard with 3d octagonal pattern

12. Asian influences

Asian interior decorating ideas and a minimalist style come together to give an exotic feel to modern interior designs.

No-frame bed and floor lighting

13. Windows and skylights

While providing privacy and bringing more light into a bedroom, skylights and high windows connect people with nature, enhance interiors with beautiful views of the skies, and add fabulous accents to bedroom walls.

Under-ceiling window, wall art, and original night tables

14. Massive ceiling beams

Ceiling beams add a charming vibe of vintage style to modern bedroom designs.

Decorative ceiling beams connecting old traditions and modern bedroom design

15. Wooden walls, floors and ceiling designs

Wood brings warmth and conjures a cozy ambiance creating beautiful, comfortable bedrooms.

Stylish bedroom design ideas

1. Loft living spaces are blending an industrial style and classic home furnishings.

2. Hanging beds.

3. Shabby-chic bedroom decor and white colors.

4. Upholstered bed headboard and accent wall designs.

5. Exposed brick walls, rustic wood, and natural stone.

6. Sliding glass doors, connecting a bedroom with a patio or balcony.

  by Ena Russ   

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