10 Modern Interior Design Trends, Originality, Novelty and Valued History

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Interior design trends are mysterious, they come and go, but experts around the world religiously analyze the latest trends to predict the development of new modern ideas following changes in lifestyle and tastes. Contemporary architecture, fashion, entertaining and media industries influence modern interior design and define new trends for 2017. Modern interior colors, solutions inspired by advanced electronics and new technology, a creative reinvention of vintage decor, surprising and Green ideas create a beautiful mix of modern interior design trends for 2017.

They are colorful and artistic, innovative and original. They are a reflection of modern culture which unites past and present while consolidating novel and traditional, unique and familiar, contemporary and vintage. Creating beautiful, functional, and Green living spaces with bright room decor promises ultimate comfort and elegant functionality. Lushome indicates the latest trends which have the power to stay stylish and fresh in 2017.

The world of design trends is fascinating and peculiar but predictable to some degree. Interior design trends come for a few years and give a hint on developing new modern ideas. Then they change mysteriously turning into something new and exciting once again. Interior trends 2017 bring bright, warm colors and nature inspired, harmonious, and pleasant color combinations. They offer attractive and fresh solutions blending Originality and Novelty of contemporary design and advanced technologies with Green ideas and timelessly elegant Vintage decor. Everything, which has historical value, eco-friendly or demonstrates innovative and unique design, is stylish and perfect for modern interior decorating in 2017.

Modern interior design trends, interconnection, and organic design

Interior design trends reinventing classic luxury and versatile functionality

Modern interior design trends to stay

Modern interior design trends 2017

Novelty and Traditions, interior design and decorating ideas, contemporary kitchen and dining room

1. Historical value and classic style

All architectural elements, room furniture and decor accessories in vintage style celebrate 2017 interior design. Exposed brick walls and salvaged wood posts can tell a story defining the modern interior design trends 2017. Items in the retro styles and antiques mix with contemporary artworks, home furnishings, and materials for creating original interior decorating ideas and add meaning to unique and modern living spaces.

History and Originality, exposed brick wall decoration with vintage clocks

Modern interior design materials, textures and surface finishes change quickly with new Green technologies, but classy shapes, artworks, and traditional decorating ideas stay trendy reflecting the history and cultural preferences. Contemporary science, Green ideas, and new technology help add originality, novelty and eco style to the classy interior design, reinvent traditional ways of home decorating and enhance modern interiors with healthier solutions.

2. Color design trends 2017

Modern color, design trends

Rose Quartz, a soft and tender light pink color, Blue Serenity, a pale blue hue, warm golden colors, soft coral, peach and yellow color shades are modern color design trends for 2017.  Earthy colors that symbolize ground forces, deep green colors, red wine colors, all light and dark brown colors are modern color trends for 2017. Skin tones, yellow and golden colors, yellow-green pastels, and mint are the modern color hues to watch for in 2017 which brings a sophisticated and natural feel into modern interiors.

Bright room colors, modern color design trends

Color combinations of natural colors, juicy color schemes created with bright yellow color shades, golden colors, light and dark brown colors, beige, blue pastels, soft orange, peach and pinkish-orange color hues are modern color trends for home decorating in 2017.

3. Recycling and Green ideas

Recycling ideas, upcycle redesign, eco-friendly and organic design spiced up by modern colors and innovations are the latest trends which continue to bring fresh interior design solutions. Aged wood, salvaged wood and metal, natural home fabrics, eco-friendly materials and recycled crafts which offer unusual ways to reuse and recycle are modern design trends. Modern interior design trends 2017 are about creating fundamentally new things out of old items and turning recycled and eco-friendly materials into beautiful home furnishings.

Modern interior design in eco style, recycling ideas for home decorating

4. Innovations

Innovations and contemporary computer technologies influence the design trends 2017. New technology allows personalizing modern interiors while merging art and design and creating truly unique and intimate spaces. Smart technologies and clever eco-friendly techniques help reinvent history and create meaningful, comfortable and Green interior design.

Contemporary science and technology for modern house designs

Innovations improve the functionality of the interior design. Rationalization sets limits to conceptual design helping to find the balance between old and new. Old and new design trends come together to give a contemporary and artistic touch to the traditional home furnishings and create something new which will provide great inspirations for design in the future.

Unique designs for modern interiors

5. Personalizing and color psychology

Modern interior design trends 2017 reflect not only the current market and consumer demands but also the psychology of the customers, various culture, a fusion of styles and traditions in modern societies. To attract the attention and create impressive, functional and unique interior design, designers follow the new goal targeting deep feelings, desires and dreams that youth and adults have. Warm colors, rich red, sunny yellow color shades, golden colors, reddish yellow, peach, orange color hues and coral pastels, feel pleasant and cozy. These colors are powerful and can soften and make comfortable any room. Traditional interior design and contemporary spaces feel safe and inviting with accents in warm colors.

Blending old meaningful things into modern interior design

6. 3d printing and customization

3d printing, new science, and technology enrich interior design trends and take them to a new level. 3d printing allows creating unique room furniture and decor accessories, lighting fixtures and architectural designs that show a high degree of customization. Rapid manufacturing is a new method of producing customized products by using 3d printers. The printed objects are personally customized products which give a contemporary vibe to interior design and make home decorating feel more intimate, attractive and meaningful.

3d printing, unique designs for modern bathrooms

7. Organic design and sustainability

Sustainability and natural design ideas are the latest trends that can be 2017 most popular. Rusticly simple or luxurious, functional or enjoyable, expensive or cheap, spectacular or traditional interior design and decorating in eco style blends organic design, natural materials, and nature-inspired solutions with Green technology. Sustainable design and renewable materials give the inspirations for experiments and developing original and modern products.

Organic design, metal and wood table and stool

8. Natural textures and interior colors

Raw materials, metal, and wood can naturally change colors adding fabulous accents to modern interior design and decorating. Unbleached fibers, rustic textures, and plants can be mixed with beautiful decor and contemporary eco-friendly materials to make modern interiors look Green, stylish and comfortable.

Natural textures and interior colors, modern interior trends

9. Decoration patterns

Nature inspired motifs, classic decoration patterns, and ethnic ornaments are beautiful design trends 2017. A friendly and soft atmosphere without being too feminine, gentle and romantic blends elegant simplicity and comfort in modern homes. Tactility is essential element bringing handmade embroidery, felt, knitting and crochet designs.

Traditions and Originality, decorations Houseplants in modern interior design

10. Houseplants

Indoor plants, vertical gardens, and live wall design balance modern spaces. Influenced by the new technology which brings advanced home appliances and exciting gadgets, the modern interior design calls for natural accents and relaxing green colors. House plants harmonize living spaces and create a healthier environment for people. Indoor plants improve urban design, attractively accentuate apartment decorating and add traditional charm to beautiful country homes.

Green houseplants creating healthy and beautiful interior design
Smart faucets adding contemporary feel to modern interiors
Wooden stools blending fine art and rustic texture into modern furniture design
Lanterns in green colors merging new technology with vintage style
Customized architectural elements, column and ceiling designs
Digital printing and furniture in vintage style, cool and warm colors, living room design
Cozy wine color, living room furniture in purplish red color and metallic accents

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