10 Unique Shower Designs, Contemporary Shower Design Trends

contemporary bathroom design with aquarium

Contemporary bathroom design with aquarium buit into shower wall


Unique shower designs are impressive, offering the functionality and creative ideas for bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. Eco friendly products for bathroom design, nature inspired shapes and new technology define contemporary shower design trends.

Contemporary indoor and outdoor shower designs vary in shapes, sizes and materials, offering more comfortable and luxurious, multifunctional and artistic design ideas for modern homes.

Each shower design trend adds unique features and decorating ideas to contemporary bathrooms, creating attractive, interesting and luxurious interior design for modern lifestyle.

10 modern bathroom design trends

Modern bathrooms, 8 bathroom design trends

Horizontal Shower design

Horizontal Shower design from Donbracht enhances contemporary bathroom design, giving an opportunity to relax on the bench and allowing the water clean and massage the body.

Horizontal shower design from Donbracht

Horizontal shower with a bench is one of most relaxing and comfortable contemporary shower design trends.

Eco style bathroom interiors

Unique shower designs that turn bathroom interiors into secluded retreats. Phyto Purification Bathroom with water llilies and tall grass present contemporary shower design trend for bathrooms in eco style.

Eco style bathroom interior with green plants and flowers

Multifunctional showers controlled by iPhone

Contemporary shower design PalmShower is multifunctional and decorative. Changing the shape, opening and closing leaves, turning on and off music or lights for color therapy make this shower design unique and playful.

Multifunctional shower design controlled by iPhone

Exercise shower design trend

Bana Bender is a creative blend of sport and shower design for those who wants to exercise in the shower. Exercise shower design with dumbbells, barbell, back and chest expander is a space saving and time saving solution for busy lifestyle.

Contemporary shower designs for exercising

Aquarium shower designs

Nature inspired and very decorative shower designs with aquariums and terrariums are extravagant and adventurous contemporary shower design trends.

Beautiful shower design from Cesana with a large water tank for fish beautifies modern bathroom design and add elegant charm of eco style.

Contemporary bathroom design with aquarium built into shower wall

Artistic shower designs

Aquanatass is the most artistic shower designs which add  a silhouette of a man to contemporary bathroom interiors. Walk in shower design Aquanatass

Man like shower design for contemporary bathroom interior

Whatatree shower design is inspired by a twig and adds an elegant accent to contemporary bathroom interiors. Modern bathroom design, walk-in showers and glass screens

Twig inspired shower design for contemporary bathroom

Shower and bathtub combination

Ballerine shower brings soft curve, simple form and striking design into contemporary bathrooms. The combination of stylish shower and elegant bathtub is a convenient and space saving idea.

Contemporary shower and bathtub combination for elegant bathroom design

Outdoor shower designs with solar batteries

RAINywhere is an outdoor shower design with solar batteries. Portable shower designs present a convenient and contemporary shower design trend that offer perfect showers for hikers and travelers. The shower can use rain water, water from a pond or a spring, which is heated by energy from solar batteries.

Outdoor shower design with solar batteries for hikers and travelers

Organic shower design form

Egg shaped showers bring organic design ideas into contemporary bathroom interiors. Egg shape is symbolic and practical. Egg Shower from Russian designer A.Komarova is beautiful and innovative, offering an ideal form for a contemporary shower.

Egg shaped shower, organic design ideas for contemporary bathroom interiors

  by Ena Russ   

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