Horizontal Shower Design from Donbracht, Modern Bathroom Design Idea

contemporary shower with heated bench

Contemporary shower with heated bench, Horizontal Shower design idea for modern bathroom

Horizontal Shower is very decorative and impressive, functional and modern bathroom design idea from Donbracht. The unusual shower design demonstrates the pasion and innovative attitute that the company have showed in their bathroom products.

Very decorative and innovative bathroom products from Donbracht, www.dornbracht.com/en/ add style to existing bathroom interiors and create exclusive new bathroom designs for comfortable and beautiful homes.

Simple and sleek Horizontal Shower design is a modern bathroom interior design idea that will make your home unique, creating pleasant and relaxing modern bathroom interior with functional and chic fixtures.

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Modern bathroom design, walk in showers and glass screens

Luxurious shower design idea

Contemporary shower with heated bench, Horizontal Shower design idea for modern bathroom

Contemporary shower design provides the relaxation of a bathtub, the terapy and health benefits of shower jets, creating multifunctional, spa-like bathroom interior design for modern homes.

There are six water bars that run the length of the horizontal shower, equipped with jets. Shower jets are remotely controlled by a panel on the wall.

Unique shower jets and heated bench, innovative walk in shower design

Few settings for different shower effects are available for you pleasure, that help relax, get rid of stress and muscle pain, and rejuvenate after a long busy day.

Bathroom decorating with beautiful bathtub and space saving shower

Modern bathroom design ideas, bathroom fixtures

Horisontal Shower design offers specific water temperature and pressure settings that vary to create the desired effects. Lying on your front or back are especially pleasurable and relaxing.

Contemporary walk in shower design idea for luxurious lifestyle, unique and bright contemporary bathroom design

The bench is heated, which adds luxurious detail to this contemporary shower design, creating more comfortable and enjoyable modern bathroom interior.

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Luxurious bathroom design with Horizontal shower and heated bench

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